How Perez Hilton Has Risen To The Top Ranks Of Blogging

February 15, 2007 – 5:42 pm

by Darren

Many bloggers are held out as examples of blogging excellence, and some of them do a great job. But you have to hand it to Perez Hilton, who has put himself into a class by himself. For a one-man operation he’s been able to garner a huge portion of the spotlight, and is regularly cited by MSM sources as an originator of news concerning celebrities. Furthermore, he has become a celebrity himself, transcending his role as a blogger to someday become a regular on the Hollywood Squares (maybe). Perez Hilton is the Charles Nelson Riley of his era, and he’s done it by blogging. Let’s see what he’s done and what we can learn.

Perez Hilton’s blog may not impress you at first glance

The main drawbacks of the blog are:

1) Childish humor - (Grade school level bathroom level)
2) Nastiness and cattiness - (Insulting babies, dead people, etc)
3) He defaces pictures and scrawls childish remarks on them - (If you alter a picture 15% from its original, the copyright is still intact)

Truly, his writing is average at best, as is his wit. But despite his apparent lack of talent, he’s been able to become a huge sensation. What could it be? What does Perez Hilton do right?

How Perez Hilton has separated himself from the pack

1) He seems to have a genuine passion for his subject
2) He stands up for his belief and doesn’t back down from the contentious issues he’s run into
3) He has made himself famous by posting his picture so much
4) He branded himself and his blog
5) He works hard. He posts relentlessly.
6) He’s created a social network that helps him report on celeb news

When you look at how far he’s come in such a short time, you have to feel somewhat inspired. Here’s a one man operation that has grown into an online sensation, through the miracle of the blog.

What do you think we can learn from Perez Hilton?

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  2. It always has amazed me just how much he can and does change for a single top blog add on his site. Try $30,000 for one ad per month.
    He does work very hard posting a lot, but he seems nice, always replying to emails.

    By Matt on Feb 16, 2007

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