What’s Still Being Hyped In The Blogosphere?

February 12, 2007 – 2:49 pm

by Darren

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2007 is well underway. How is this year different than other ones? What is the hype in the blogosphere and what are we supposed to make out of all of it? So far this year looks like a continuation of last year.

The Hype Factor is highest for

  • Social news websites - “Oh you simply must make the front page of Digg! It will do wonders for your blog.” This advice has persisted for years, despite the fact that most blogs aren’t a good fit for the front page of Digg, at all. Take an objective look at Digg and if you’re content doesn’t match, this advice won’t help.
  • “Content is King”. Content is the engine that drives blogs, but traffic is what pays the bills. Not all traffic comes from content, and not all content drives traffic. You have to be strategic with content creation.
  • Context sensitive ads. They still pay, but not as well as they used to, and it’s safe to say the salad days are behind us. Google is embracing Video, and lower paying ad units. You need more traffic than ever, in a sense, because per click payments will probably trend down.

Don’t believe the hype. The internet is changing in a unique way. It’s remarkable how many companies are embracing online strategies, and more and more people are being “laid off” of bricks and mortar jobs as their companies go online. Since you’re already online, you have a chance to do as good of a job as any of them, but don’t fall for some of the sucker stories that are being created every day.

What do you feel is being hyped?

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