The Single Biggest Obstacle To Blogging Success - Impatience

January 29, 2007 – 2:29 pm

by Darren

There are a number of things that can screw you up when it comes to blogging, but one in particular stands out to me. Most bloggers who fail will underestimate how much work is involved with blogging, and how much time has to be invested, as well. When you start, you’re a complete unknow, with no worth to anyone, and no particular brand name in the blogosphere. You’ll have almost no traction at the beginning, and your prospects for great success are very low.

If you can overcome these early obstacles, you’ll likely be rewarded with many opportunities. But in the early days, it’s almost impossible to count on much traffic, interest, or revenue. So what, then, do new bloggers need to have? They have to have a strong faith in their abilities, and in the likelihood that they’ll eventually prevail. If they don’t have these thoughts, they’ll end up giving up long before they have success, because it takes time to build an audience from scratch.

An ideal candidate for blogging success would be anyone who exhibited a strong work ethic and was patient. If they were willing to put at least one post in, every day for one year, as well as learn all of the basics of blog management and website promotion, it’s almost impossible that their efforts would fail to pay a return.

Anyone who is out there and looking for signs of success, have faith. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and a giant blog readership wasn’t built in a few weeks or even months. Good things come to those who wait, in general, as long as the person is working hard at improving their craft.

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    2. Impatience is indeed a trait that can hold anyone back from achieving success. If you start to wonder how long you must wait for things, then impatience may be trying to get the best of you. Have faith. We may not grasp that our initiatives are not only being measured based on our own time and desires. Our life evolves when Higher Forces and people who desire to influence are lives are ready in their own time. We have power to build up anticipation and exceitment.

      By Liara Covert on Feb 27, 2007

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