Social Blog Marketing - It’s All About The Friend Request

January 26, 2007 – 10:29 am

by Darren

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Okay, I wrote about how social blog marketing is paramount yesterday, and how you should approach social newtorks. Today I’d like to point out something that might be obvious to some, but probably not to all: to whit, the friend request is your single biggest marketing tool when it comes to social network.

You need two things to generate interest in your website at a social networking website: friend request + profile view.

If you’ve written an interesting profile, and you have a strong landing page on your website, the friend request is all you’ll need to convert some random people into readers. You know the old saying: you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Well it’s true yet again in this case. People have very short attention spans. You have to at least explain your product or service or website quickly, without a ton of beating around the bush. If you’re trying to convert them in some way, hit them with a “call to action” right in your profile.

Friend requests can be sent unsolicited, so you can send them to anyone. Any time you befriend someone, natural curiosity will force them to click on your profile, to find out what you’re all about. It’s simple stuff. At this point you need to convert that person, or chances are you won’t see them again.

Most people get obsessed about the idea of sending MySpace bulletins, but largely they’re crap and are probably ignored by most. You’re much better off slowing down, and just hand-crafting messages based on criteria you’re interested in. Anything hand-crafted will stand a much greater chance of hanging around than some auto-generated crap.

Reasons the “Friend Request” is your primary marketing tool

1) Most people will do a profile view when you request adding them as a friend
2) You get a clean shot at them, based on how you’ve designed your profile page and what your plan for them is
3) No one should be offended by a “Friend request”. In fact, they should be bewildered at worst or flattered at best.

Steps to take to begin marketing at social websites

1) Create a profile.
2) Spend some serious time creating a compelling profile..aka landing page
3) Custom craft an offer and a landing page on your website
4) Track your conversion data

Social website marketing is the easiest stuff in the world. You can’t ignore it. If it’s even 3% of your total website referrals in this turbulent world, it’s worth your full attention.

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