Social Networking For Fun And Profit - Mainly Profit - Part One - The Approach

January 25, 2007 – 7:39 am

by Darren

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Social networking is a hoot. Now personally, I would never use this crap for real, but that’s just me. I’m sort of anti-social in a real sense, and am given to working for long periods in isolation. I don’t require much “chit-chat” to soothe my ego, I’d rather try and earn, while my fingers can still type a coherent sentence. But that’s just me. Most people do not approach life with similar cut-throat intensity, nor will they ever. These people, are the denizen of social networks.

Even though I’m not the type of person who would use social networks, I have respect for the people that do

I realize that this is “their thing” and they don’t want to be bothered by marketing machines who are their for their own purposes. Taking an agressive marketing stance is not the way to go for people who are building online images. You need to show respect to any community, and obey all of the common rules and principles to succeed long term.

I will illustrate what I think is the correct approach. Let’s contrast two different approaches concerning an off-line business. You are invited to a family re-union. At this re-union you meet “Bob” who is a quasi-acquaintance and ad-hoc family member of some sort. He immediatedly presents his business card to you and will not stop from attempting to sell you life insurance. He’s so pushy, you end up leaving early.

Contrast this with a guy named “Terry” who you meet at a similar function. He so impresses you with his social skills, charm, and outright brilliance, that you ask him what he does. He tells you he’s in the life insurance business, and tells you a few facts you didn’t know. You end up asking him for an appointment.

When we do social networking to promote our blogs, we need to act a lot more like Terry than Bob. We need to be slick and friendly, and to make people want to learn more about us. If we attempt to sell someone something too quickly, we lose. We need to increase awareness, and not act like complete spammers.

If we promote correctly, we can become an actual part of the gentle ecosystem of the social web, and not an intrusive virus that threatens to destroy the whole thing.

What approach have you taken to social networking and website promotions?

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    2. I don’t use social bookmarking unless someone askes me to “digg” their site or something not sure what its called.
      But it really is a good way to spread your website I submitted one of my sites and in that day i got around 70 visitors the thing i like about this is that out of 70 visitors you might atleast get 1 repeat visitor and that really is work the bandwidth dont you think?

      By Mike on Jan 25, 2007

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