Promoting Your Blogs Through The Social Web

January 24, 2007 – 7:55 am

by Darren

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Alright, it’s time to revisit a very popular subject on the internet. How can we use the social web to promote our blogs? I’ve been attempting this very thing for awhile, and I feel qualified to offer some commentary, so that’s exactly what I plan on doing. First, let’s talk about what’s hot or not.

What’s Hot:


What’s Not


Now, YMMV, of course, when it comes to any of these websites, but for my subject matter there is absolutely no point in attempting to submit to Digg. I don’t write about highly technical subjects, so there’s no way I’m making the front page of Digg. Even if I did, there’s no money in it, so I could care less.

RSS is a bad money maker. That’s my feeling on RSS and I don’t plan on doing much to promote my RSS feed other than putting the orange button on the sidebar. RSS allows people to not visit your website and not click. This is hardly a way to make big money.

So it seems I’m bearish on all things 2006 when it comes to promoting blogs, and I am. I urge you to remove your “add to” and “add to Digg” buttons at once and go install a MyBlogLog instead. The amount of traffic you’ll get from MBL is much more impressive than what you’ll get from a submission to Reddit or Digg which falls to the bottom of the page quickly.

I plan on detailing MBL and MySpace more in the next few weeks.

What other social websites are bringing you traffic?

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    2. Yeah I think i blogged about it a while ago cant remember now, but it was mainly about which you said that people don’t visit your sites which = no ad clicks = no money I am happy with say add to google homepage because they only show a small snippet making people read more which means going onto your site.

      By Mike on Jan 25, 2007

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