Don’t Be Afraid To Try New Things When Promoting Your Blog

January 15, 2007 – 4:23 pm

by Darren

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The longer you stay around online, the more you realize there are no hard and fast rules concerning how to make money. Sure, there are principles that you can adopt, but there’s no one guaranteed way to strike it rich. In fact, things change so much on the internet, that you have no choice but to constantly evolve. 2007 promises to be a year of huge changes, just like every other year.

You can’t fear change if you’re promoting a blog

It’s easy to get into a rut when blogging. Half the battle for most bloggers is suiting up and putting in their posts. When you’ve covered a specific topic for a long period of time, it’s natural that fatigue will set in, and that includes not only what you post about, but how you market your blog.

Things you can do to look for new readers in 2007

1) Expand your subject matter. Don’t switch your niche, but go deeper and wider.
2) Redesign your website and track the results
3) Attempt a grassroots marketing campaign, even if you have to go “door to door” on the internet
4) Pay for ads, if your budget allows it
5) Track your visitors and start seeing how well you do for “visitor loyalty”. If the numbers are low, figure out a way to increase stickiness
6) Increase the density of your posts
7) Increase “the quality” of your posts

All of these are subjective, but they’re the types of things we have to do on a daily basis if we plan on thriving in an uncharted universe.

What do you plan on doing differently in 2007?

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    1. 2 Responses to “Don’t Be Afraid To Try New Things When Promoting Your Blog”

    2. I’m doing my best this year to
      1. Think more before I post - thereby increasing the quality of my posts
      2. …then catch up with my blogging rate, more posts per day.

      I think this will make me a better and faster thinker :P

      By Kian Ann on Jan 16, 2007

    3. Kian,

      I can’t argue with either of those ideas!

      In the book “On Writing Well” the author makes the point that all good writing is the result of clear thought. So the cleaner we can think, the better we can express ourselves in written words.

      By Darren on Jan 17, 2007

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