Going With The Flow Around The Holidays

December 27, 2006 – 2:37 pm

by Darren

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I haven’t been posting as much in the last so many days because of the holidays. I’ve decided that there’s no need to fight the reality that many people have been more pre-occupied with the holiday season that reading my content. But today, I must report, sees many more surfers have returned to their typical workday patterns.

People with Christmas related websites can now take the next year off :) Talk about seasonality, there are people out there who have made their blog niches incredibly specific. The narrower the subject matter the tougher it almost has to be to find something to blog about. Nevertheless, the experts always make it happen.

2007 is almost upon us, so we have to keep on evolving. Since Google is so mercurial we all need to explore all avenues available to us. Why not MySpace Marketing for your blog. It can’t really hurt. When you create your MySpace Profile like this one for Absolutely Fa-bulo.us, you create a doorway into your blog from one of the largest websites on Earth. Making friends is easier than in real life, I’ll tell you, as I found around 140+ “best buds” in the last 48 hours.

I have some specific plans concerning how to market blogs in MySpace, and I’m putting the theories to the test. Make sure to “Add Me” as a friend, if you have a MySpace account.

How much of your blog’s traffic comes from the “social web”?

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    1. 11 Responses to “Going With The Flow Around The Holidays”

    2. Sweeet… I added you as a friend and hope to watch and learn .. and you’ve already commented back to me :) I have to spend more time on my site there .. haven’t touched it - ever except to upload my picture that is :)

      By HART (1-800-HART) on Dec 27, 2006

    3. Did you see the comment?

      The image is clickable back to the blog. The hope is that this will build direct traffic to the blog. People seem to really like me on MySpace, moreso than in real life. 160 and rising on the friend count.

      Hart, the first thing to do is just fill out some text that describes your website. Then you can start searching for friends. I plan on posting about this in the next few days. This is a traffic generation system that rivals Google in some ways.

      By Darren on Dec 27, 2006

    4. Darren .. I’ve been sort of playing with MySpace over the last few days .. I have two other sites, but I think I might just leave the ..http://myspace.com/1800hart/ one up and delete the other two.

      I tried to insert HTML on the comment to your page .. but, your site scrapes all HTML off :) how did you get that linkable picture? or, am I just one of the sites allowing HTML?

      It would be nice if I can pull in some RSS feeds .. I think starting January 1 I’m just going to post weekly summary links, and see if It makes a difference - everything helps!

      By HART (1-800-HART) on Dec 30, 2006

    5. Hart, I’m getting hooked on MySpace. There are millions of live bodies in there.

      There’s a setting where you can “disable” HTML. It looks like only about 10% of the MySpace profiles have it set that way.

      I just used a normal hyperlink. So I said “Happy Holidays” and hit them with a link to the site. Could come in handy for SEO too, so I went ahead and set the alt tags to “celebrities” “gosip” etc.

      I haven’t got much traffic from the comments yet, but the profile and blog are sending in referrals. I can see how this can get HUGE. I’m at 440 friends now and rising.

      By Darren on Dec 30, 2006

    6. Thanks for the MySpace link - I can see so many positives in it from a marketing perspective.

      By Martin Neumann on Jan 1, 2007

    7. Well .. I see you are now at 874 friends :) How do you find all of these friends? I’m got 16 friends now, so I’m not a total loser hehe .. I’ve seen some of the automated friend finders, for a fee .. but have opted to doing so - at least at this time. Today I’ve decided to just get some blogging first inside there to describe me better. It’s hard to just ask all the i.e. pet blogs on myspace .. to be my friend. there’s like, 2,154,444 gajillion of them!

      By HART (1-800-HART) on Jan 4, 2007

    8. Hart, check out Adder Robot. It was $17. It will search through Google and do the friend requests automatically.

      I assume it’s against the MySpace TOS, but “everybody’s doing it” :)
      I’m up to 1167 friends now ;) I just have the robot do 240 requests a day by searching google. I’ve been using keyword phrases like “favorite celebrity” to target those who might be interested in the blog.

      I’ll add more info today on how to do it. It’s another fulltime job like everything else ;)

      By Darren on Jan 8, 2007

    9. I’ll check that out .. I’ve been trying to keep it free as an experiment.

      I’ve just been signing up to groups, and asking everybody in it! Of course, some of the groups seems to have thousands of members and tons haven’t signed in over a year … but that’s beside the point. I’m also actively searching for Faux celebrities like politicians and historical figures and other names who seems to have thousands of friends too. Slowly but sure and now I’ve got 40 friends.

      One thing I’ve been noticing - that you should test … I’ve subscribed to your blog and am getting your posts as a notices. I first opted to have them emailed to me but I turned it off because it was a little too much. Then I unsubscribed and didn’t get any posts until I looked. I’m back signed on again though. Meanwhile, of those ‘celebrity’ type of friends who have thousands of friends .. (TV celebs, dancers, actresses, DJ’s, bands) I’m getting blasted with Bulletins and I never subscribed to them. I guess it just goes sitewide to all the friends? Check it out - you’d probably drive more traffic just by repeating your blog entry, or replacing it. / just a suggestion

      By HART (1-800-HART) on Jan 9, 2007

    10. I’ll actually sign up for the blog and see what transpires. Basically, I was just sending some traffic into the main site with the blog posts.

      The $17 is all I plan on spending on MySpace Marketing. As you know, my main goal is to do my online marketing at close to 0 cost.

      This MySpace is a very strange place, and takes some getting used to.

      As for the spam, I think they “phish” accounts and then hit everyone on the friend’s list. The bulletins appear overworked.

      I’ll write a post on this subject today, because there’s no way we can ignore MySpace.

      By Darren on Jan 10, 2007

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