One Great Thing About Marketing A Blog

December 15, 2006 – 1:01 pm

by Darren

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Marketing blogs is not the toughest job out there. It’s time-consuming, but there are ways to market blogs that can be effective, and free. The easiest way to market any blog, I’ve found, is to simply stay on-topic with the blog and post about things that people want to hear about for that niche. Couple that basic activity with some on-topic commenting in your chosen field, and you’ll get established relatively quick.

Blogs can hit their strides if they fulfill a basic function, and if they’re marketed consistently.

I don’t think a blog launch that spends a ton of money will necessarily work, and word of mouth and persistency won’t necessarily work either. It takes a combination of luck and effort to get your blog off the ground, and it takes incoming links to keep you in the search engines. The simplest way to get links is to write link-worthy, on topic material.

If marketing blogs is so easy, then why isn’t everyone doing it?

Everyone IS already doing it. Not only are they doing it, but they’ve signed up their brother, aunt, cousin and best friend to do it, too. If you thought starting a blog was simple, then surely you can’t be alone. But with the constant stream of new bloggers, who could somewhat be considered competition, you also get waves of interest. As the interest grows, your blog’s readership grows along with it.

As long as marketing blogs remains easy, and the blogosphere keeps growing, then your job should keep growing too

The more people who enter the blogging arena every day might be viewed as competition, but it’s also important to understand that they’ll bring more attention to the arena with them. As they market to more people who may not have been familiar with blogs or blogging, then they’ll end up making the blogosphere that much bigger.

From where I’m sitting, the future of blogging looks very bright. What are your thoughts on the subject?

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