Separating Reality From Bullshit In The Blogosphere

December 5, 2006 – 10:23 am

by Darren

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Every day in the blogosphere, grand proclamations are made. Announcements of vast mergers, and huge profits are weaved, and tales of human treachery are told daily with gusto. When you don’t know any of the members involved, it becomes very tough to wade through and determine what’s really happening. I’ve decided to consider everything I hear on a blog to be bullshit, unless otherwise confirmed or denied.

Now, I’m not outright saying everything you read on blogs is BS, because some of it isn’t. Some of what you hear is agendaless, and is there because someone felt a pure love of subject and decided to really let lose with some brilliant info. But a lot of blogging is nothing of the sort. Much of it is bland and soulless commercial drivel, and even worse, much has an agenda that is neither discloses or maybe even clear to the author of the post. And don’t think I’m pointing the finger at anyone, because I’m as bad as any when it comes to equating blogging with profiteering.

The blogosphere is the single cheapest place where you can aggrandize yourself.

Nowhere else but the blogosphere can you wax as eloquently on your own accomplishments as you can with a blog. Add a podcast to the mix and you can literally promote yourself as a brand 24 hours per day with very little cost. For this reason alone, the blogosphere will continue to be dominated by players who are short on substance but long on style. If you can agressively promote yourself, you’re likely to be revered by many.

Trust and then Verify

The best bet for dissecting the info you hear from blogs is to trust it tacitly at first, but then verify if the information involves you making a decision. In other words, “take it with a grain of salt” because what you may be hearing may have been sanitized for your reading pleasure, or outright planted there by a profiteer. The one great thing about blogs is how easy to digest they are. You can skim through many of them, and go deeper where needed. In the end, the bullshitters will be found out. The only reality long-term bloggers have to concern themselves with is: am I making enough money to live the lifestyle I want? and am I doing it in a way I can live with?

What do you think of the integrity of the blogosphere?

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    1. 2 Responses to “Separating Reality From Bullshit In The Blogosphere”

    2. Hi Darren.

      Integrity is a big word :-). I think verifying any information, whether it is in the traditional print medium, the electronic media, or now the Internet, is difficult unless you’re really hell bent upon digging the facts. The blogsphere is no different from that. I’ve just about now started visiting various blogs and so far I’ve found decent people who, along with trying to earn a living through their blogs and websites, also blog just for the love of it, just to share with people what they know or what they’ve come across.

      By the way, what prompted this post :-) ?

      By Amrit Hallan on Dec 5, 2006

    3. Nothing I can pinpoint. I’ve just been thinking about this a bit lately. You mostly have to trust your instincts, and verify whatever you can. I guess that’s really like anything else ;)

      By Darren on Dec 5, 2006

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