Blog Marketing: Commenting Is The Slow Road To Traffic

November 9, 2006 – 7:33 am

by Darren

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People always tell you to comment in blogs as a way to build you traffic to other blogs, but let’s be honest, it’s like taking the slow boat to China. I’ve been making my living online since 8/2004 and I can tell you one thing: the only significant source of traffic I’ve ever seen comes from search engines. And when I say search engines, I really mean Google. Yes, 90% of all money I make online has always been at least somewhat related to Google, despite how many efforts I’ve made to diversify my income stream.

Don’t get me wrong, commenting is not a bad activity to engage in. But definitely track how much time you spend doing it as opposed to other tasks. If you go out and comment, it’s true that others will see your posts, and even link to you once and again, but if you spend HOURS doing it every day, you might just be better off doing basic SEO and writing content that is good for your users and the search engines.

I still do some commenting from time to time, but I notice my pace has died off. I almost always get into some sort of disagreement with other people, and I really don’t want to spend the time arguing. I can only spend so much time in a day typing (I do it all day now), so I end up having to pick my spots. I think it just may be the nature of “blogger burnout” once again.

Tell me about your own experiences with commenting.

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    1. 8 Responses to “Blog Marketing: Commenting Is The Slow Road To Traffic”

    2. Well, as a newcomer in the public blogosphere, I feel commenting has been good for me. It has gotten key people to read my blog, which in turn has landed me freelance gigs and other assignments. However, this is a select few, and actually the people I was aiming for, so in terms of traffic I would probably have been better of writing blog posts and submitting them to Digg.

      Still, I’d reckon I’ll get one or two clicks from this comment. It’s not worth my time, really, but I still do it.

      By TDH on Nov 9, 2006

    3. How long have you done it so far?

      I’ve been at it since March. So I might be suffering from commenter burnout.

      By Darren on Nov 9, 2006

    4. Hello Darren once again!

      For me (also a 2 month old newcomer!), commenting has brought me a lot of traffic. Actually, not really commenting, but doing trackbacks. I always have too much to say about other’s articles, so I post them on my own blog instead :D
      I think good commenting techniques is a skill too. I mean, if your comments really add value to the person’s post, then the future reader are likely to check out your site.

      Also… one very important thing is of course - blog authors need respond to comments. I’d wouldn’t be saying “once again!” at the top if you hadn’t acknowledged my comment earlier. ;)
      Just my two cents worth~

      By Kian Ann on Nov 9, 2006

    5. I think you’re right, of course. The higher the quality of the comment, the better off you’ll be.

      But then it gets tough to do many, if they are all long and detailed :)

      By Darren on Nov 9, 2006

    6. I’d like to think that I’m the exact opposite … commenting for traffic .. because I more or less comment for stress release!

      I use the name HART (1-800-HART) as my name so people don’t see me as a disjointed person commenting differently on different sites. What you see is all me - put together. If I say something I probably shouldn’t have, I hope those recognize my name and take it all in context of me, instead of out of context.

      I used to be one of those people who might wake up in the middle of the night thinking “I should have said that!” … now, I just say what’s on my mind or move on.

      I started blogging May 31, 2005 and everyone was promoting the comment as “THE” method to get traffic. Lately .. You can’t just come to a site and say something like “Good Job” or “That’s exactly what I was thinking” … otherwise the spam filter will kick in! Soon, with trackbacks, nobody will be commenting, except on their own blog. Well, not everywhere because people do like to leave their 2cents.

      I’m the say position as you. 90% of my traffic is from search engines, although I’m not making money online at all :Ptftfttt but I try. If I were smart I would change the URL link from what it is to the one I should be promoting, that already gets the search engine traffic and see if there is any difference. Maybe an experiment for future months.

      By HART (1-800-HART) on Nov 9, 2006

    7. Hart, I think you’re missing out without that being a real number! You’d probably get a lot of calls.

      By Darren on Nov 9, 2006

    8. Hmm .. maybe you’re right! (he said as he quietly changed the URL to that other blog site just in case)

      :D I suppose I can start this experiment starting today.

      By HART (1-800-HART) on Nov 9, 2006

    9. I’ve never found commenting on blogs a very good way to get visitors, the best way i find is posting on forums.
      So all my time is spent on forums with links in my signatures, i like to read blogs and comment on them because it allows them to improve on their work or maybe give them more ideas for some new posts (which is very annoying!).

      By Sharky on Nov 11, 2006

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