Netscape Changes Front Page Ranking Algo - Does Anyone Care?

November 8, 2006 – 9:57 am

by Darren

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Still looks like Politics to me

Netscape recognized that their website had become a train wreck. It was a literal walking Frankenstein, with user-generated content that was constructed so oddly, almost anyone visiting the website for more than one minute would realize the inmates were, indeed, running this asylum. The only conversation ever occuring at Netscape has been politics. Now that the elections have ended, Calacanis and crew have moved on.

In a sense, it’s already way too late. The site has been polluted by the political banter so long, there’s no way it will die down overnight by making a few cosmetic changes. The community of political trolls is now engrained in the culture, and will continue to dominate the landscape.

Community building requires a good bit more than just paying users and running ads. And so far Netscape hasn’t been close to doing a good job of it. Suddenly telling your most enthusiastic users that there contributions are no longer needed (or needed less) is enlikely to endear you with the 50 or so people who actually use the website.

I have no idea how much longer AOL will run Netscape as a failed Digg clone, but I can’t see it continuing forever.

Do you ever visit this drearily awful website?

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