Size Does Matter - Your Blog’s Archive

November 7, 2006 – 12:11 pm

by Darren

Bigger really is better. At least when it comes to the size of your blog’s archive. The real money in any blog comes down to the quantity and the quality of posts in the archive. It’s for this reason that new bloggers struggle, and almost all “A-List” style bloggers have been around for awhile.

The bigger the better, but only if it’s good

The more links you have to older posts, the better. These links will help drive traffic into the posts, as well as help boost your results in the search engines, which will drive even more. Imagine an archive of 5,000 or more well constructed posts: you can see just how much traffic a website might have. But, as always, quantity alone won’t be enough.

Today’s work offers tomorrow’s rewards

So the time to grow your archive is now and always. Every time you add a post, it adds to the collective wisdom your website offers to the internet. And this increases the monetary value of the website. Make your archive as big as you can and your dreams will follow.

How big is yours (archive, that is)? ;)

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  2. How big is mine?…thats a question I never have a problem answering…..lmao

    My oldest blog has over 1,100 posts and has been around since the beginning of 2002. I also have two other blogs about 1 year or so old with 1,000 posts each, and a number of blogs with about 300-500 posts.

    I have a fair amount all together :)

    By Matt on Nov 7, 2006

  3. Good stuff. First time reader here.

    Let me ask you this.

    I am into a bunch of stuff. Technology, Blogging, Blog Software, Blog Marketing, SEO etc. Right now it seems I have a blog for everything. Am I better off combining into one blog, or have a blog for each topic such as Tech, Blogging, SEO etc?

    My blog started off as a tech only blog. Now I write about business tech, blogging, seo and all sorts of other stuff. Would I be better off moving my other blogs with anything tech related to it, or keep them separate?

    By Jim Burnett on Nov 9, 2006

  4. Hi Jim, thanks for the welcome

    How many times are you updating each one?

    I think those are related enough that it might be worth while to go with a “SuperBlog” that you update multiple times daily. You get a big boost from the search engines, IMHO that way.

    By Darren on Nov 10, 2006

  5. Yeah, but I’m also into hunting, fishing, outdoors stuff. It seems I want to write about everything! AHHH!!

    SuperBlog eh? I might have to think about that. I guess now is the time to start.

    By Jim Burnett on Nov 14, 2006

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