A Couple Adsense Tweaks Make For 315% Increase In Revenues

October 30, 2006 – 9:17 am

by Darren

My efforts to increase blogging revenue with Adsense continue. The latest small changes I’ve made have had quite an effect. Of course I can’t give any specific numbers, but the overall revenue figure I mentioned is real. That’s right, I tripled my blog template’s revenue earning capacity by:

1) Using a different color blue in the Adsense URL
2) Changing the “Above Fold Ad Size” to 336×280
3) Added a 120×240 to the highest point on the sidebar

All of these changes had a postive affect. Ads BELOW the main post fare poorly, in the spots I’ve tested them. I have a few theories for that, and I’m embarking on further testing. Perhaps link units would help. I’ll find out.

Above the fold is the marketer’s paradise. Most blog visitors will land via a “Search term” and they’ll land on your “Single Post View” template. Make sure to place your ads above the fold on the Single Post View template for any type of results.

A 300% increase in revenues is pretty good. I’ll see if I can find a few hundred more per cent, though, before I get too complacent.

Hopefully this post will help make someone some extra cash.

  1. 5 Responses to “A Couple Adsense Tweaks Make For 315% Increase In Revenues”

  2. Not bad at all, ads right where you look, before you scroll always do the best. It gives it a some what “in it for the money look”, but if you are (which we are lol) then it’s all good.

    Mind if I ask what CTR you are now getting? :)

    By Matt on Oct 30, 2006

  3. I can’t disclose CTR. Let’s just say it’s under 10, so I know I can improve it.

    By Darren on Oct 31, 2006

  4. Fair enough, don’t wanna get google on your back, although I believe its okay to mention as long as you don’t mention the other figures along with it.

    I only have two blogs where it’s above 10%, but not far above it, unfortinatly its run on a cheaper subject ad’s wise.

    One thing I have noticed is, CTR seems to be better on blogs about just one subject (very niche like), rather than a wider subject.

    By Matt on Oct 31, 2006

  5. I have no doubt that’s right. The tighter the niche, the better targeted the ads. The better targeted the ads, the higher the conversion. The higher the conversion rate, the higher the payout to the publisher :)

    By Darren on Nov 1, 2006

  6. Well, I’m sure you know it’s kind of gross looking, but I can’t really say very much!

    There has to be a tradeoff between how commercialized you wish to appear and how much money you want to try to squeeze out of the audience that you do have.

    By Grokodile on Nov 2, 2006

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