Google Adsense On Blogs - Tweak Or Die

October 26, 2006 – 6:30 am

by Darren

I’ve been spending the last few months tweaking Google ads on more and more and pages, and I must tell you, blogs really suck for earning money via Adsense. I mean, people, I’m not kidding. I have a CMS that I custom designed which outperforms my blog design by 28 to 1. Yes, you read that right: I make 28 times more money based on the template I’m using.

I’ll try more and more layouts in the next few weeks, but I’ve found:

1) Blog traffic doesn’t click much
2) They only click on ads RIGHT ABOVE the content

Of course, the subject matter and content on the blogs matter too, but from a straight money-making standpoint, I feel it’s safe to say that I’ll earn a lot more making a “static bit of content”, rather than making a comparable blog post.

Blogs are also a very difficult environment for you to produce keyword driven content in, and keyword driven content is what pays. In the normal course of a blog like this, it’s tough to bang out a piece of content called “Chain Hang Low Ringtone“, but that’s just the type of page one needs in order to make money with Google Adsense. Why?

Because to make money with Google Adsense you a marriage of these elements:

1) A fresh keyword in demand (like a Ringtone for a popular song)
2) A deep inventory of advertisers (if you can display 12 Adsense ads on the page, you’re doing very well)

If you look at many blogs, you’ll notice that the targeting is just awful. That’s because most blog posts don’t meet the minimum requirements I just described. In fact, many blog posts CAN’T based on the nature of the medium.

I’m not done researching, but the truth is, I LOSE MONEY every time I blog, when I could just be producing static pages for more money.

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  2. And I lose money every time I comment. I also lose money by sleeping. I lose money answering to e-mails. I lose money not working for someone else.

    That’s the worst kind of statement in my opinion.

    However, I do agree with you regarding the ads. Blogs suck when it comes to automatic advertising programs. If you want to make cash, sell the ad space yourself, because that kind of income an actual sale gives you is something you’ll never achieve with Adsense, at least not without abuse…

    By TDH on Oct 26, 2006

  3. I lose money every time I have to read comments, too :)
    Thanks for yours, though.

    By Darren on Oct 26, 2006

  4. This is interesting, and it is true. But have anyone attended any kind of “blogging for money” or kind of seminar or program? What do they recommend for monetizing blogs? Affiliate links?

    Of course, one other way is to make your blog not look like a blog. i.e. perhaps have only one post on the main page? Does this work?

    By Kian Ann on Oct 27, 2006

  5. Yeah, comments are truly a money waster. :D
    I’d like to think you get something back though. Not everything can be counted in revenue $, not even for a business.

    By TDH on Oct 27, 2006

  6. That’s an interesting look at things.

    However, having decided to with blogging all the way, some of us have no choice of switching to static, and will have to make their blogs a success.

    28 to 1! That sounds incredible. Thanks for sacrificing so much by sharing your knowledge with on you blog and not some static website.

    By Gleb Reys on Oct 27, 2006

  7. I’m not giving up, and neither should anyone.

    I think if I TWEAK a lot more I can get this to a more realistic gap.

    But it does seem like blogs are netting lower earnings.

    Could be the presence of Splogs?

    By Darren on Oct 27, 2006

  8. You have to look at why blogs are bad…… not counting what the blog is about (subject), what makes it a blog in this context is it’s structure, and click through ratio.

    I found the ads perform best above content, and directly below the content, (and wrapped in the content), but very badly across the sides.

    I have a number of blogs and tweak all the time.

    Some of my best performing blogs get a CTR of about 13-16% sometimes higher, which im very happy with.

    Another of my blogs which is harder to target (wide content diversity, rather than one unique subject) I only get about 1.5-2% on.

    Whats your CTR? & what do you think a good CTR is?….I believe this is the true value to look at when tweaking, it’s okay to talk about CTR as long as we don’t mention other figures at the same time ;).

    P.s, I design all of my blog templates from scratch, …no word press themes here.

    Darren, have you tried code?… For better targeted ads?…. Also I have found that meta keywords work wonders for helping get correct Adsense Ads……Google hardly use them for SEO now, but they sure do for adsense.

    By Matt on Oct 27, 2006

  9. I keep adsense channels for all the positions throughout my blogs .. top headers ads, header links, sidebar, singles, index, footers, etc etc .. and I’ve been finding about 40% of my lifetime earnings from header.php link-ads .. and 40% from single.php bottom ads .. and the rest is not worth mentioning (all over the place, small percentages)

    I’ve stopped tweaking all and future sites with position and layout. I don’t make much and my time is better spent doing my offline consulting instead. I wish I could make a difference though, as every bit helps and as I get up close to 40 sites .. a small bit here and there might add up - but it doesn’t in my case.

    Do you have any more of those CMS sites that earns 28% more? :D j/k

    By HART (1-800-HART) on Oct 28, 2006

  10. great post, although i’m wasting money typing comments!

    what did you mean by static content?

    By Wealth Building Tools on Mar 21, 2007

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