The Technorati Top 100 Blogs

October 13, 2006 – 7:56 am

by Darren

When you think of a “Who’s Who” list, you think of the most prestigious members around. Only the true elite could reach a height like this. So it is with the Technorati Top 100. This list is made by determining which blogs have the most backlinks. The thinking is: if a lot of people link to a blog, then it must be good.

I decided to review the Technorati 100 and see what I could learn from the most linked to blogs in the Universe. If I studied the patterns, then perhaps I could learn enough to model my blog in a similar manner.

The trouble is, there’s almost no discernible order to why blogs appear on the list. Many of the websites aren’t in English, so I don’t know what they’re about, but even the English blogs are on a wide variety of subjects. You have everything ranging from technology through daily pictures of semi-nude girls, with every other subject in between.

Judging from this list of 100 websites, it’s not easy to discern the why and how of how they’ve become so popular. In fact, it almost looks like a random thing.

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  2. Most of the blogs in this lsit are in the field for many months. Some of them are updated 20-30 times a day. Some of the blogs are really good but not all of them.

    By Razib Ahmed on Oct 13, 2006

  3. It’s a link thing, more links –> higher rank. So get linked!

    By TechZ on Oct 13, 2006

  4. Still, it’s a crazy way to classify things.

    I’m sure they could come up with something a little better than this :)

    By Darren on Oct 14, 2006

  5. Darren,
    This is the price mankind has to pay whenever artificial intelligence decides what is good or bad instead of human mind.

    By Satish on Oct 14, 2006

  6. Hello Darren,

    A blog that’s not using English as its main language does not indicates they are “random” blog. Probably those blogs are very popular among the locals and they link to them. Have you ever think about that?

    By Oskar Syahbana on Oct 20, 2006

  7. Non-English blogs and English blogs shouldn’t be grouped together in the same set of language results.

    It makes no sense to me, and no other search organization classifies information like this. I understand the blogs are popular in their language. I don’t understand why they’re placed in a big list with every county.

    They could have their lists broken down by language.

    By Darren on Oct 20, 2006

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