Levels Of Comment Spams Are At An All Time High

October 12, 2006 – 7:18 am

by Darren

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Man oh man, those comment spammers have their robots working overtime. I’m amazed at the amount of it I’m getting. Getting messages from “freerape” is certainly exciting, but it’s only better when I get 100 of them at once. I guess this means Google has never been able to fix their link popularity algo. Otherwise why would so many people bother to do it?

It also shows you just how lazy people really can be. I mean, damn, fool, do you really have to spam “brand new blogs”? What a sad state of affairs that a blog that is one day old needs to be “spammed” by you. Couldn’t you make your own brand new blog and try and use that to build link popularity? Nope, because that would be too much like work.

But the newest one of all has me outraged. In the last few months I’ve seen a number of people who copied entire articles I’ve written, and then spammed their URL into tons of blogs in a hope to build backlinks to MY ARTICLE on their website. My only advice for people who do this:

1) Really, really hide your identity
2) Live nowhere near Cleveland, Ohio

If I ever actually find one of these people, and they’re within 6 hours driving distance of Cleveland, then I guarantee a C-Town Beatdown that you’ll likely remember the rest of your days.

I will say one thing, though. Wordpress really has a done great job with the built-in anti-comment spam features, and they Akismet plugin. Very little seems to be getting through, but the numbers still appear to be rising.

How much spam are you getting these days?

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