Blogging End Game - Do You Have A Plan?

October 5, 2006 – 4:58 am

by Darren

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Imaging blogging for years and years on end, with no sight in end. Frankly, I can’t. That’s why you need to decide on an “end game” as soon as you can. The best bet to determine your end game, is to run your blog exactly like a business. If your blog makes decent revenues, then you should have no problem selling it, provided you “stay on” to blog. Well that’s not exactly an end game at all, is it?

If your blog is built on “Brand You”, you might get less money in the end

That’s the trouble with A-List blogging, in a sense. If most of the appeal of the blog is built based on a cult of personality of the main blogger, then that doesn’t leave much room for a new owner to take over, especially if the big name blogger leaves. For this reason, if you have a highly trafficked blog, and you may want to sell it someday, you probably need to bring in multiple authors quickly. That way when you sell the blog, there are assets other than just you and your intellectual property.

If you’re not making any money, the advantage is, the end game is easy

If your blog isn’t making you any money, and the time you’re spending is too great, then the end game might be project-cessation. That’s right, you can alway just quit posting in a blog, and gain whatever revenue is still left for as long at it comes in. It’s not fun to admit that a project or idea failed, but it’s a part of life. In fact, failures are the biggest part of being in business. Learn from a failed blog and start other ones that can go the distance.

Put your blogging end game into place today

It’s not a matter of expecting the worst. It’s a matter of reality. Blogging might not be something you’ll be able to do forever. Health issues might force you to give it up, along with a whole host of other reasons that could make you want to try something different. If you don’t already, carefully track your revenue, and keep a detailed list of any money you make. Anyone who buys your blog will want to see the numbers, in order to make their valuation determination.

Have you thought of your blogging end game?

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