Think You Might Get Sued? Remove Your Website From Search Engine Caches

September 29, 2006 – 8:19 am

by Darren

I’ve been in business since 1991, in one capacity or another, and I’ve been threatened to be sued on several occassions. In 2004 I had a surprise threatened lawsuit concerning an affiliate code that I ran on a website I managed. The idea was that all of the affiliates of a certain program would be sued. The evidence compiled was all from the internet, and the lawyers said they had copies from “Google’s cache” to prove their case. Well the lawsuit went nowhere (it was really dumb), but to me it pointed out a pretty important issue:

If you’re publishing info that might come back to haunt you, then my suggestion is you drop your site from the cache.

Why do I suggest this? Because it gives you a change to CHANGE THE OFFENDING CONTENT quickly. If you removed it from your website, it’s gone. If Google or Yahoo or anyone has cached it, then you might be in big trouble, because removing it could take years.

Doesn’t the Cache affect my rankings?

No. Being in the Cache of a search engine will have no impact at all on your search engine rankings. In fact, Google recently took the time to clarify their approach on indexing content. They are okay with you “opting-out” from their Cache.

Is it hard to removed your website from search engine’s caches?

No, it’s really easy to eliminate your website from search engine caches. You just have to add a simple code to the header template of your blog.

Place the following code in your header section:

Add it to any and every page you want removed. I’ve been experimenting with doing just this and have seen no problem at all with rankings.

What do you think about removing your pages?

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