Tactics For Ranking Blogs Well In Search Engines

September 27, 2006 – 1:46 pm

by Darren

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I don’t think a blog will make much money unless it has a steady stream of search engine traffic. To me it’s a required part of your daily menu. If you don’t have new people showing up, how can your website grow? And what better way to get people to your website than to get them free from the search engines? Luckily for you, blogs tend to do very well in search engines. Here’s some tips that I’m sure will help almost anyone.

The first area to emphasize is your title tag.

The main thing to know about your title is to feature your “desired keywords” at the beginning. So if you were going after “Paris Hilton”, you would title your post accordingly. Put the keywords first.

You must also write your title so that it’s interesting to users. You want them to click, so the sentence must read naturally. Good titles = search engine traffic + happy human clickers.

The body of your text.

Again, put the desired keyphrase near the beginning of your body text. There’s no need to go crazy with keyword density, but make sure you mention the desired keyword and maybe a variation of it in your main body text.

Make sure the desired anchor text is contained in any incoming links to you.

This is one big advantage of keyword rich URLs (like Wordpress uses by default). Not everyone will link to you using the right keywords, but if you have the keywords in the URL, they will anyway.

Use the shortest possible URL structure you can.

If you’re using Wordpress, drop the dates. The dates add a whole pseudo-directory structure which makes it take longer for your pages to be indexed (Google has to scheduled the directory crawl and return to your website). Go with the shorter non-dated keyword URLs.

Socialize with others in your keyword category.

The easiest way to get links is to do so socially. Make other bloggers aware of you and then do something creative to get them to link to you. Bloggers need fresh content, so they’ll link if you entertain them.

This is a simple list of basic concepts, but hopefully it will be of some use to you in your journey.

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    1. 3 Responses to “Tactics For Ranking Blogs Well In Search Engines”

    2. Nice post Darren. I agree with everything you said, especially about the title, it’s the most important thing out there! One thing I would like to add it uniqueness, I think google is clamping down hard on the duplicate content problem. I have been reading a lot about this and one problem is duplicate (too similar) titles, so make them as unique as you can. (Unique with respect to your other pages)

      Talking about Paris Hilton, my g/f’s site is on page two for “Paris Hilton” on google, and has recently been mentioned in Huston Chronicle. Biggest Blogging news in my business :)

      By Matt on Sep 27, 2006

    3. Thanks Matt,

      That’s great news. I think the mentions in the “Real media” are a surefire way to gain traffic.

      By Darren on Sep 28, 2006

    4. Hmm, handy tips. I do follow some, but I’ve got my URL’s sorted by yyyy-mm-dd, I felt that was the best way to display it, didn’t know it wasn’t the most SEO friendly.

      By TechZ on Sep 30, 2006

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