Ray Dotson - One Question Interview

September 27, 2006 – 5:33 pm

by Darren

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Bloggers’ Bio

My name is Ray Dotson and I live in the suburbs of Northern Kentucky near Cincinnati. I’m 36 and I have way too many children and work way too hard for way too little pay. I know you can hear the violins, right?

I’ve been blogging for just over nine months now and I love it. In fact, I’m completely addicted to blogging. I first started blogging with a Blogger account so I could practice writing every day. That was only the beginning. At the end of August I got my own domain at and it’s been awesome.

What do I love most about blogging?

That’s an easy question. I love the community. I love the interaction, the sense of discovery and connection. This has become an everyday thing for me now. I wake up in the morning and check my blog and others and find out new things and meet new people. It’s amazing to me how much is out there in the blogging community. There is such an incredible diversity of thought, but we all have this in common: we want to share it with others. I just recently wrote an article, How to Participate in the Blogging Community, that shares some of what I’ve learned. Check it out and feel free to join in the discussion.

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