So What’s The Deal With All These Splogs?

September 26, 2006 – 8:43 am

by Darren

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I think most of my readers here are the type of people who like making their own unique content. But not everyone feels the same. In fact, many people are downright lazy and are tempted to automate every task they can. I can’t say I blame them. They’ve figure out ways to generate almost readable “blog content” that can serve to gain backlinks and some search engine traffic.

How big of a problem are splogs?

Many people have ranted and raved about splogs. Mark Cuban had plenty to say about splogs:

Blogger is by far the worst offender. Google seems to be working hard to adjust their relevancy indexes to exclude splog from having influence on search rankings, but they don’t seem to be doing anything more than removing reported splogs. Kind of like going after the zombies one at a time with a shovel. Can we get some help on this Google? (You can check out to get a feel for just how much splog we are talking about.)

I can’t really think of a way to eliminate splogs. Blogging software is cheap, and it’s incredibly easy to forward information to a blog for posting. Automatic posting is a mindless past-time which can easily earn someone an income.

I understand why people do it, but I can’t help thinking this has got to be hurting many honest bloggers. Most of a blog’s income will come from search engine monetization, so losing out to automated websites is a sure-fire way to frustrate almost anyone. I don’t think Google is looking to solve the problem. Why would they? They’re a partner on all of the clicks.

Tell me your thoughts about splogs. How will they affect the rest of us?

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