Gina McGrew - One Question Blogger Interview

September 22, 2006 – 6:37 pm

by Darren

Gina McGrew has responded to the One Question Blogger Interview. If you’d like to participate, please follow the simple instructions and we’ll be happy to oblige.

Blogger’s Bio:

My name is Gina McGrew. I blog via “See Gina Blog Dot Com“. I previously blogged via “Lilybleu Dot Net.” I have blogged in some capacity since 2000 or so. I am a 30 year old girl living in the Midwest, raising two fabulous dogs and a fantastic feline, and living with my boyfriend of two years in a lovely home here in the fine city of St. Louis.

The question is: “What do I love most about blogging?”

Gina’s says:

Blogging gives me a voice. I am able to speak about my views on issues important to me and know that someone out there is reading my viewpoint and perhaps reconsidering their own. I like that others care to read my perspectives on issues. Blogging offers me a voice when too often the world appears to ignore Average Joe or Average Jane’s voice. It is hard not to become disillusioned when we are not listened to by our elected officials and not listened to when we vote. This is my voice. Heard by some, at least.

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    2. I started blogging cause I wanted an outlet to write what I thought and how I want things to be, I suppose that’s how alot of blogs get started. :)

      By TechZ on Sep 23, 2006

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