Great Titles Are The SuperWeapon Of Successful Bloggers

September 14, 2006 – 10:19 am

by Darren

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Attention bloghead! Stop what you’re doing and pay careful attention to what I’m saying! Great. Do I have your attention now? If you’re not paying careful attention to your titles, you may soon end up in a world of hurt. Titles are the main weapon of bloggers. Those who master the craft of writing great titles earn riches. The losers who can’t go to the poorhouse. Hey, I didn’t make up the rules, so don’t blame me.

People are busy these days, man. They have kids. They have houses, cell phones, HDTV, celebrity gossip, weight loss issues, and so damn much more to deal with that they just don’t have tiime to sift through every bit of information on the internet. You know what that means? That means they will spend about one millisecond paying attention to YOU. And you thought your were important? Come on! You’re just some blogger, like ten million other ones. If the people are going to pay attention to you, you need to HOOK them with something exciting.

That something exciting is the title. The more compelling it is, the more likely it is to get clicks. And I don’t know about you, but I love getting people to click on my sites. Sitting around staring at bad stats is not my idea of fun. So I plan on getting out there an hitting people with an action title that yells “LOOK AT ME! HEY YOU - OVER THERE - LOOKIE HERE!!!!”, with maybe an ounce more sophistication.

So what can you do to spice up titles?

1) Be funny - funny titles catch people off guard
2) Make sure you spell right
3) Capitalize all letters for maximum effect
4) Use specific keywords - but don’t be robotic

Anything you can do that adds sizzle to the post is worth it.


My dog has eaten my food

Could be re-written more sensationally as “Warning: Food-Eating Dog On Loose!”

The idea is easy. Encourage people to ACT. The action you want is a click. Before entering your next title, think of what would make people want to click on your article.

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    1. 11 Responses to “Great Titles Are The SuperWeapon Of Successful Bloggers”

    2. Great tip. As long as you can balance this with “give ‘em what you promise,” you’re good to go.

      By Easton Ellsworth on Sep 14, 2006

    3. You aren’t kidding. It’s better to underpromise and overdeliver. But hit’em with your best shot to get attention.

      By Darren on Sep 14, 2006

    4. The inviting titles should convey in a few words -’Just click! I bet you’ll stick to it.’

      By Satish on Sep 14, 2006

    5. It’s a simple thing, but makes a world of difference between a reader deciding to stay on and read the post or clicking away, which is just too easy to do.

      By TechZ on Sep 15, 2006

    6. On social news websites like Reddit, the title is literally all you have!

      There is no description. So people glancing at the latest list of titles will have to choose based on how exciting they think the titles are.

      By Darren on Sep 15, 2006

    7. Great titles help your entries to get links from other links. However, if you do not deliver what you promised in the title then you are just killing your blog.

      By Razib Ahmed on Sep 15, 2006

    8. yes very true. See copyblogger for lots of tips on how to create a great headline.

      By jf on Sep 15, 2006

    9. I agrre, great titles are must. Not even Social Networking sites, but blog search engines do will start sending you more traffic if your post has a good title.

      But still “Capitalize all letters”, is one thing I won`t advice. All capital letters is equivalent to shouting in virtual world. So this must be avoided.

      By Ankit on Sep 16, 2006

    10. Ankit,

      Capitalize the “First Letter” of each word. Hopefully that clears it up. It’s “Headline Style”. To capitalize ALL LETTERS would be bad news :)

      By Darren on Sep 16, 2006

    11. How’s that, I made 2 posts today, and this article was in my head both times, I took an extra minute to think of a more catchy title for each post, thanks!

      By TechZ on Sep 16, 2006

    12. Way to go, Techz.

      Hopefully it will pay off for you! :)

      By Darren on Sep 17, 2006

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