Driving Massive Traffic To Your Website Without Paying For Marketing

September 13, 2006 – 9:12 am

by Darren

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Like a rocket shot into space: without paying for marketing.

Driving massive traffic to our websites without paying a lot. That’s what all of us need to do, unless we’re the sons of millionaires. Most small businesses get screwed because of the fact they can’t afford to compete with the “Big Boys”, especially when it comes down to paying for marketing. The big companies are massive marketing machines. They never rest, building their brand 24 hours a day globally. What’s a small website owner to do?

I’d like to suggest the following techniques and show what affect they’ve had on my website at Sootle Web Directory, home of the SootleDir SEO and Marketing Blog and such world-famous tools as the Website Worth and the Google Competition Tool.

The website also maintains customer mailings, and has a number of repeat visitors, as well as people coming in from direct links. The search engine rankings are small, but niche.

First off, you can see the Fall is bringing back searchers heavily, but more importantly you see the need for organic traffic that’s “direct”. A website built like this, through word of mouth, is much less vulnerable to traffic swings that one that’s built on search engine traffic only.

Again, I show you this to illustrate that the concepts I’ve been discussing for the past six months. They work. How hard you work has a lot to do with the results.

If the numbers continue like this, you can expect this to be one of my last posts as I plan on retiring soon :)

What methods are you using to build traffic to your website?

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    1. 2 Responses to “Driving Massive Traffic To Your Website Without Paying For Marketing”

    2. Wow, those are some stats! I comment frequently on other blogs, but my content is lacking a bit I feel. I’m devoting more time to the site nowadays so I should see steady growth, which I do have now, but it’s not as much as I want.

      By TechZ on Sep 13, 2006

    3. It’s never as much as you want :)

      By Darren on Sep 13, 2006

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