Post density is the quickest route to Adsense money

September 6, 2006 – 7:43 am

by Darren

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I’ve been experimenting heavily with blogs in the past six months, and I’m coming to certain conclusions. I’m sure others have reached the same conclusions seperately, because I see the same things being done on so many blogs. I’m even doing some new experiments, concerning post density and blog SEO, and I’ve been having very positive results. I’ll outline some of what I feel are the current dynamics concering blogs.

1) Single author niche blogs can build revenue - but expect to take a long time to realize it. The niche streams have smaller audiences, so it takes time to build the necessary audience mass to monetize. It’s a good way to do things, but keep in mind that the more niches you enter, the more site management time you have. In life there’s always tradeoffs, and this one could be severe.

2) Multiple author blogs on wide topics can build the largest revenue streams fastest. Again, this is an obvious concept, but one I don’t see many people talking about. 4 authors posting 4 times a day gives you 480 posts at the end of the month. That’s great post density. It also presents a ton of fresh content for the search engines, so you can expect a lot of traffic from search. If the topic is hot, you have a chance at getting many repeat visitors, and the visitors who come from search will generally click on ads. This being the case, you can build a very substantial revenue stream in several months.

Each one of these approaches has distinct advantages and disadvantages. But more and more I’m convinced that you’re really better off focusing on a few subjects than trying to go to wide.

What could this mean for people running single author blogs? Maybe some sort of co-operative guest blogging arrangement could be made. People could do “post exchanges” or something similar. Maybe bloggers with similar subjects can team up and go for higher post density together.

Having patience is great. But getting out there and hustling is even a better idea. If you find a subject that attracts a lot of search traffic and a ton of buzz, and you can update constantly, then you’ve found a sure-fire moneymaker. The subjects that are popular will have a great deal of competition, but that also means they have the biggest markets.

Maybe the best bet of all is a single-minded blogger who posts 10 times a day. Are any of you doing it this way? What are your experiences showing you?

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    1. 7 Responses to “Post density is the quickest route to Adsense money”

    2. 10 posts a day? It sure must be nice to have that kind of time ;) I’m fantastically happy if I can fire off 3 posts in a day across my sites. And quite frankly, that’s pushing it. Maybe there’s something to this multiple blogger per site idea. There’s always the potential issue of splitting up the revenue though.

      By Leroy Brown on Sep 6, 2006

    3. My highest was 12 posts one day and that only happened once. Well, writing 10 posts is very difficult but not impossible. I have written 7-8 posts many days.

      By Razib Ahmed on Sep 6, 2006

    4. My hats off to those who can churn out 10 blogs a day! It needs to be a genius of sorts to maintain that kind of consistency in output and originality on diverse topics. It would be a real marathon for me - although the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

      By Satish on Sep 6, 2006

    5. Max I’ve done is 4 I think, and when you blog as a hobby, it’s not as easy to find time, versus bloggin for a living ;)

      By TechZ on Sep 7, 2006

    6. i guess it depends on the topics of the chosen site. for some topics it might be more difficult than others.

      By Wealth Building Tools on Mar 21, 2007

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