Make Money Blogging for Dummies

September 4, 2006 – 7:56 am

by Darren

Tons of people are looking to get paid blogging, and who can blame them? But we need to break it down, and show them what it really takes to make money blogging. What major components are necessary to turn a blog into a profitable operation?

1) The revenue potential of a blog is limited by its’ potential audience

A blog can’t ignore its’ nature anymore than a cat can. When a cat sees a bird, it’s in his nature to try and kill it. A blog about knitting can’t earn as much as a blog about digital photography. They’re entirely different creatures and a leopard cannot change its’ spots. The potential of your blog is determined the day you started it, based on your choice of topics.

2) When ads are all you have, Ad placement becomes the entire game.

When your blog has a revenue system based on advertising, then the system is only as good as the ad placement. Adsense ads can perform remarkably different depending on your audience, and your site design. Depending on what CTR you get, your potential revenue is limited by both the site’s innate potential market, and by the ad optimization. Keep in mind, the more effective you are at earning revenue, the less likely you’ll be to keep people around.

3) In order to increase revenue, you need to get more readers.

The most direct way towards greater profitablity online is amassing a larger readership. The more people who read your blog everyday, the more money you make. Sure, that’s putting a fine point on it, but it’s essentially true. You need to constantly promote your blog. If you don’t readership numbers will sag, and the revenue will follow suit.

4) Blogging is a brand new industry.

There are no rules, only general guidelines. Most importantly, expect massive changes as the market matures and more people enter it. I’m sure bloggers who have been around since even 2003 or so have seen enormous changes. Don’t expect that to change anytime soon. You need to stay on top of the technology and trends, or you’ll perish.

5) Blogging is about building your brand.

That might mean you, or it might mean the website you blog for, but the main idea behind blogging is putting a friendly face on something on the internet. Blogging is best when it helps a company or organization communicate with people. And all good blogs do that. Be aware that everything you blog becomes part of your online persona.

What other chapters can be added to the “Make Money Blogging for Dummies” book? What steps are essential for blogging success.

  1. 5 Responses to “Make Money Blogging for Dummies”

  2. I’m keeping ads off my site totally for the time being, I just want to blog. Maybe in a year or so after I’ve changed the site theme, to one that’s more condusive to ads such as the K2 theme, I’ll go in for ads.

    Good advice!

    By TechZ on Sep 4, 2006

  3. Promoting your blog is equally important as writing content. Of course, you need to write quality content at the first place and then you can promote it.

    By Razib Ahmed on Sep 4, 2006

  4. I think making money from a knitting blog can be just as profitable as one about digital cameras. Just ask Vickie Howell who is now host of Knitty Gritty on the DIY network and author of several knitting books, thanks to her blog. Or Stephanie Pearl-McPhee who has written three books (and currently writing two more) because of the popularity of her blog with knitters.

    There are a lot of knitters out there who buy books, yarn, and knitting supplies. And they spend ALOT of money on them. Advertisers for these products can be found on many knitting blogs out there.

    Until there are actual stats comparing knitting blog revenues vs. digital camera blog revenues, it really is hard to know who makes the most money.

    By Rhonda on Sep 4, 2006

  5. Thanks for the info, Rhonda.

    I wasn’t thinking of yarn being a product that people ordered online a lot, but now that you mentioned it, it probably is a good niche.

    Overall, though, the volume is a good bit lower for knitting than it is for the sum of all digital photography keywords, in particular when you add up all the searches for camera and replacement products.

    By Darren on Sep 4, 2006

  6. Great advice - I particularly like no 4. Blogging is a new industry and is indeed an exciting field to be in !

    By Greg Kiernan on Sep 5, 2006

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