Keeping the conversation flowing on your blog

September 2, 2006 – 6:14 am

by Darren

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Blogs are about conversation. Sure, some blogs monologue, but the goods ones dialogue. They’re there to engage everyone in a hopefully-stimulating conversation. What are some of the things a blogger can do to try and make sure that people are talking. I think there are some guidelines to follow:

1) Write something interesting.

It’s not as easy as it sounds, but it’s important to do. Make sure the topic you’re writing about has the potential to engage people in conversation. The topic is 90% of the trick to getting people to talk.

2) Talk back when people comment.

I always try to thank people for commenting. If I miss some, I apologize, but I generally get in there and thank people for commenting. It takes you a second to do, and hopefully builds up mutual trust with the commenter.

3) End your posts with questions.

If people are still reading to the end, and you ask a question, then they’re very likely to answer. It seems simple, but it works for the most part. If you ask someone something, they’re more likely to respond than if the thread just trails off.

4) Comment in other people’s blogs.

Again, it’s simple obvious advice, but you have to do it. When you comment in other people’s blogs, they have a natural interest in seeing what you and your blog are about. As simple as that. Comments in my blogs are why I subscribe to Jason’s, Easton’s, Greg’s, Leroy’s, Satish’s and other people’s blogs. I followed the comments and became a reader. It works this way for everyone.

The three methods have been tried and true when it comes to getting the comments cooking. Blog Republic, for example, has twice as many comments as posts, so I’ve had decent success getting people to gab. I actually look forward to the comments here, because all of the commenters are so good. Great commenters are as big of a part of blogging success as great posts.

Have you had success cultivating conversation in your blog? What techniques did you use?

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    1. 4 Responses to “Keeping the conversation flowing on your blog”

    2. I’ve been reading articles such as this in order to be able to get the “flow”, the secret to keeping things interesting in your blog. I blog very erratically, and end up just posting, without much thought to layout and important things such as that. Slowly but surely though, I’m getting better.

      By TechZ on Sep 2, 2006

    3. I’ve noticed (not surprisingly) that controversial content gets conversations going. I wrote a post about an experience I had with the Crusade for Christ and submitted it to digg. I only got four diggs, but, I did get quite a few comments and a ton of emails. I’m still emailing back and forth with a few people.

      By Jason Manheim on Sep 2, 2006

    4. Darren,
      Yet, some more useful tips from you. Perhaps some kind of telepathy is working; many of your posts just appear and answer questions hovering over my mind at that point of time. Though keen to thank the people who comment on my blog which is going at a bullock-cart pace but aimimg at jet speed, I was confronted with a peculiar problem. Everytime I tried to put my comments on what Heather (who is admirer of my blog like you), my picture appeared. I thought it would be offending to publish it as people may be interested to read what I write at the most but not to see my old face again and again. Funny but true!

      By Satish on Sep 2, 2006

    5. Good article. I’ve been working on improving my style and writing. Thanks!

      By Jason on Sep 3, 2006

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