Things bloggers take for granted - like internet access

August 31, 2006 – 8:12 am

by Darren

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This morning the internet connection isn’t working, so I’m composing this blog post in a text document. It’s really not that bad of an inconvenience, but imagine if my internet outage continues for awhile. I’ll be having major withdrawal symptoms as I lose touch with my web business. This type of outage makes you realize just how accustomed to the internet we all really are.

Having internet access gives us a chance to work from where we want, and allows us to stay in touch with people all over the world, at a fraction of what it used to cost. All business costs have been reduced because of cheap internet access, so at times you may not notice just how much of an impact has already occurred. Talking to people internationally is cheap. Staying in touch with your customers has never been cheaper or easier. This is where the real profit in an online business comes from. If you can leverage the low operating costs of the internet with the huge potential market, you have a chance to scale a solution that is cheap to run, but does high volume. That’s a formula for high net profit margins, which will have you laughing all the way to the bank.

So when the internet goes back on, and all is restored to order, I plan on looking at all the opportunities with fresh eyes. It’s to easy to forget how good we really have it as bloggers and internet marketers, but we should always remind ourselves. We have a chance every day to live life how we want, and to make money how we want to. We can never let others discourage us, and we can’t let anything stand in our way to becoming successful. Well, an internet outage might keep us down, but never for long.

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    1. 6 Responses to “Things bloggers take for granted - like internet access”

    2. Got to love those text updates when nothing else works hey!

      I’ve always found its handy to keep a cheap dial up account for those times when i really can’t do without the net and now my broadband account has it built in. Sure after broadband dialup feels like the dark ages but it never the less keeps you in contact

      By Greg Kiernan on Aug 31, 2006

    3. I guess I’ve been spoiled. It hasn’t happened in so long, I haven’t needed a backup plan.

      But today I had the double whammy. A 2 hour power outage shut off my network too, so what a strange set of occurences.

      But I’m back now, better than ever. :)

      By Darren on Aug 31, 2006

    4. I do not have the luxury to take Internet access for granted. However, now, I feel that it is not a bad thing anymore. Because of this limitation, I have developed a fighting mentality that I must try more. It is like you want to count things but you don’t have a calculator. So, you have to depend on your memory to count those numbers.

      By Razib Ahmed on Sep 1, 2006

    5. I have that fighting attitude all the time. It’s me against the world :) But having a reliable connection makes a difference.

      By Darren on Sep 1, 2006

    6. My router was acting up the other day…
      I think we do take internet access 24/7/365 for granted, just like electricity and running water. DialUp (just as Broadband) is still expensive here, so its either my ADSL connection or nothing for me.

      By TechZ on Sep 2, 2006

    7. Hmmm. I don’t think I could survive without access. And that’s why I fought to get my iMate K-Jam. (I think it’s called an HTC Wizard in the States). When my internet is down at home, I just hook up with the phone using GPRS.

      And, that’s why I tend to read my RSS feeds using Google Reader. I use the mobile version, and whenever I’m waiting for something (or sitting somewhere with nothing to do but wait), I read my feeds on the phone. I FULLY recommend it.

      Of course, I must say thanks to your site and others that have full feeds as opposed to excerpts in their feeds.

      By James on Sep 3, 2006

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