Content is King - but it’s also disposable. Promote your posts or face utter oblivion

August 30, 2006 – 7:56 am

by Darren

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Sure, you can sit around admiring the latest web page you’ve created. You may as well, because chances are, no one else will. Let’s face it, there are billions of web pages out there. According to Technorati, 1.6 million pages are created daily on blogs! Whoa! That’s a lot of babies born into an uncaring world known as the blogosphere. Will your baby grow to prosper and command attention of his own? Or will he fail, taking the short bus to the blog post underachiever’s hall of shame? A lot of that will depend on your attitude.

So you made a blog post? Do you want a cookie?

See how little I cared because YOU made a blog post. Why should I? I’m busy making my own. I don’t have all day to read the new 1.6 million posts made daily. Heck, I won’t even be able to skim through all of them. So that means the window of opportunity is very limited to make an impact on the greater online world. You don’t have long.

“So what can I do?” asks the intrepid blogger.

Glad you asked, because I think have a simple answer that you shouldn’t ignore. My friend, you need to PROMOTE your blog post through a companion program known as HARD WORK and DETERMINATION. That’s right, there is no easy way, no Silver Bullet, that will ensure that every one of your blog posts goes to the top of the charts. But with our twin weapons of HW and D, we’ll get out there and make it happen. With effort your blog posts can be noticed. In fact, the next blog post you make might just be the one that the catapults you to blogging superstardom.

What steps can I take to promote my blog posts?

Use the social news websites to ensure at least a few influential readers find you. They will likely link to you from other websites that can ensure a fresh flow of visitors. The more they like the post, the more likely they are to spread the word. If they think you have a talent, and that your blog is worth reading, it only makes sense that they’ll tell people they know, either through word-of-mouth or electronics means.

Email other bloggers in your field. I’ve seen Razib and Easton both do this, and it works. Tell someone about a related article you posted, and they might just link, especially if it’s timely. Ask people to help others find your post.

While I have you on the subject, please help promote this post too. But only if you found it useful. And if you liked this post, TALK to me. I need the feedback. It’s a lonely job being a blogger, so the comments are what I have to get me through the night.

Thanks for reading, and may all your dreams come true.


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    1. 7 Responses to “Content is King - but it’s also disposable. Promote your posts or face utter oblivion”

    2. Hey! You changed the layout. Nice job.

      I definately subscribe to the companion program. Although I agree, it is a little lonely at first. But the sparse comments make it worthwhile until the true readership takes hold.

      Thanks Darren.

      By Jason Manheim on Aug 30, 2006

    3. Thanks, Jason!

      Commenting takes root pretty fast. If you comment in others blogs, as you do, you’ll pick up commenters back. That’s how it works.

      By Darren on Aug 30, 2006

    4. Indeed it does. ;)

      By Jason Manheim on Aug 30, 2006

    5. I’ve found that promoting properly takes about as much time and effort as the posts themselves, if not more. Sure, I’ve had spikes in subscriber-base and traffic, but only small fractions of those stick around. The real increase in traffic over time happens while participating in the community with the HW & D you’ve described. The longer I blog, the more I find this holds true.

      By Retrospector on Aug 31, 2006

    6. That is some good advice..thank you.

      By baggage on Aug 31, 2006

    7. Well said, Darren,

      Blogging consists of two things. Writing and Networking. Most of the time bloggers are good writers, but when it comes to networking, many have no clue about it.

      Most of the successful bloggers are good at networking, they know how to make a community around their blogs, start a good discussion, and most important participate in the ongoing discussions.

      By Ankit on Sep 4, 2006

    8. Commenting, off late I’ve been doing alot of that! It’s a great way to exchange ideas, and meet other bloggers.

      By TechZ on Sep 4, 2006

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