The toughest part of blogging

August 24, 2006 – 10:46 am

by Darren

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To me the toughest part of blogging is attempting to find interesting and fresh topics. There really is very little original information out there. It’s very tough to try and make a post that at least offers a fresh perspective. Even tougher than trying to do one original post in a blog is starting a blog that truly offers a unique perspective on a subject. So much of it has already been said.

There’s two ways you can deal with this issue. You can not worry about it, and just blog about existing issues, and mainly link to other blogs. They become the “topic makers” and you just comment.

The second approach is to eschew the idea of only linking to others, and to try and create completely unique posts each day. This is a greater challenge, but the main benefit would be that people would start linking to you. If people link to your regulary, they’ll send both traffic and search engine improvements along the way.

But once you choose the second path, it means you’ll have the added trouble of finding new material. Once your blog has hundreds, or even thousands of posts, the task will become that much harder. But at that point, you’ll have a lot of material to build tangential topics from. As your archive grows, you can always refer to older posts and try to take a new spin on them.

What part of blogging do you think is toughest?

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    1. 9 Responses to “The toughest part of blogging”

    2. Standing on the shoulders of giants vs. becoming a giant yourself. I think you can do both, but it’s obviously challenging to go the second route.

      My favorite posts are the original ones. The leader ones. Responder and follower posts are nice too, but I think you’ve hit on one of the huge secrets to blogging success.

      Look at Darren Rowse and his blogging “group projects.” I think they’re great. But so many other people could be doing the same thing and they just don’t, because they don’t realize how easy it is to what he’s doing. To them it’s puzzling because they haven’t tried it and it seems like he’s the only one perhaps who knows how to do be a leader in that way. But I think Darren, if he could talk to all of his “followers,” would encourage them to go and be thought leaders to their own audiences as well.

      Did I just make any sense? Brain’s a bit tired.

      To recap - I agree with your post and with more bloggers understood the rewards of being the first to say something.

      By Easton Ellsworth on Aug 24, 2006

    3. Nice comment, Easton.

      I do think being a leader has to be the route, in the end. It’s tough to find a voice when blogging, but at least being original allows you to use your own voice.

      I agree about the other Darren. He does use extremely simple methods that work to build readership. Chances are that most people could do similar things.

      I really believe participation is one of the major keys to success.

      By Darren on Aug 24, 2006

    4. Undoubtedly, the toughest part of blogging lies in being original. But the satisfaction one derives by choosing such challenges can never be found in blogging about anything and everything. At least the bottle should be new if not the wine. Blogging should not be reduced to copying and pasting as it will deprive one of any achievement. A quotation of Denis Waitley puts it nicely: “The most splendid achievement of all is the constant striving to surpass yourself and be worthy of your own approval.”

      By Satish on Aug 24, 2006

    5. I don’t think it’s tough to be original at all. That just comes from being who you are. I think the tough part is not downplaying yourself after reading the competition. Then tweaking your posts because you start to think that’s what people want.

      The toughest part for me is starting. I can’t wait for the momentum to build.

      Love your posts Darren. :)

      By Jason Manheim on Aug 24, 2006

    6. Thanks for the kind words, and for reading, Jason.

      Getting started is definitely tough. But once you’re moving, it’s tough to stop :)

      By Darren on Aug 24, 2006

    7. Non in my comunity and only a few in my region know about blog and blogging. That is one reason that for me the toughest part is building a community outside the country.

      By shirazi on Aug 25, 2006

    8. I find the time to blog to be the toughest. I have these great ideas but executing is very difficult with everything else going on. For orginality, I’m trying to look at multiple posts and articles and fuse ideas together to create ideas for my readers. Easier said then done as it requires time, research and analysis. Very rewarding though - good post. Chad

      By Chad Horenfeldt on Aug 25, 2006

    9. Haha…Darren I just read the previous post about comparing yourself to other bloggers. I swear I hadn’t read it or seen it before I made my previous comment. I guess that just validates it all the more. What a small blogging world this is. ;)

      By Jason Manheim on Aug 25, 2006

    10. There is no wrong way to blog, IMHO. But there are ways of making success much harder to come by. If we can avoid those, we should do great.

      By Darren on Aug 25, 2006

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