The Blogosphere is soft, and ready for a takeover

August 18, 2006 – 6:54 am

by Darren

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That’s right. Takeover. Break’s over. The Blogosphere is a bunch of fat cat rich boy bloggers who are looking to get knocked off their perch by the next generation of up-from-the-street hustlers who blog. I read posts from around the Blogosphere and I see a lot of content people who are happy to link to their friends, and act like life in their insulated world can never change. Well, change it will, and the change is coming fast.

Blogging is a business now. Sure, a lot of people will start online journals, and will “blog” for no money, but they’re the last of a dying breed. There is already an installed army of tens of thousands of blogger who monetize their every post. What will do this for the overall environment? It means the clubby atmosphere of the current elite bloggers will come under real pressure. Sure, socializing will still matter, but it won’t help you if your quality is low.

For the bloggers who are earning money and putting in the work, the future is very bright indeed. Google gets on my nerves, but I have to admit they’ve invented a very nice program that means almost anyone with enough drive and determination can make a living online. If you write the content, the search engines and visitors will find it. They’ll send more and more visitors. A percentage will click, and you’ll get paid. It’s not rocket science, folks. Just good old fashioned business which has forever altered the landscape.

Many of the old time bloggers have cleanly adjusted and made the transition. They’re ahead of the curve. Some of their counterparts will not be so lucky. They’ll sit back on their laurels, unaware of the perfect storm that’s forming in their backyard.

So that’s it, gentle reader. The new day of blogging dawns and we’re on the cutting edge of what promises to be a watershed revolution in electronic communications. All we have to do is stay brave, stay strong, and keep on doing the job we know we’re capable of. If we’re better than the next guy, we’ll advance. When enough time passes, it will be just us there.

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    1. 4 Responses to “The Blogosphere is soft, and ready for a takeover”

    2. ” It’s not rocket science, folks. Just good old fashioned business which has forever altered the landscape.”
      Internet is changing very fast but the basic idea remains the same. Content is the King and Queen. If you have good content you would shine. It was true in Web 1.0 and in Web 2.0 it is even truer becuase of Adsense.

      By Razib Ahmed on Aug 18, 2006

    3. You aren’t kidding. And don’t forget Links. But for bloggers, it is the good content that attracts the links.

      By Darren on Aug 18, 2006

    4. Hi Darren,
      Nice thoughts.

      Blogging has surely changed many things, has given voice to the voiceless, transformed the way people use to interact, made the reader, newsmaker himself.

      But blogging is going to evlove more, in coming days you will see new ways, new means with the help of new tools making bloggers getting more united and separated with each other.

      People will flock around their own interest, and will gravitate from groups practising something different from them. Its just the beginning. Blogs will evlove into social networks…

      By Ankit on Aug 19, 2006

    5. Welcome Ankit, and thanks for the comment.

      I’m sure you’re right. The long tail of bloggers will get even longer in the coming years as more people discover the possible empowerment.

      By Darren on Aug 19, 2006

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