Eitan Loewenstein - One Question Interview

August 12, 2006 – 5:25 am

by Darren

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Yes, Eitan Loewenstein is the first participant in the newly created one question interview series. You too can participate, by following the instructions in the linked post. I look forward to your answers.

Blogger’s Bio

Hi, my name is Eitan and I’m an actor out of Los Angeles. What kind of description do you want? I’m 6′1″ brown hair, blue eyes and married (sorry ladies). I’ve been blogging for almost three months now and it’s been fun to watch the original idea for my blog grow and change into something more sustainable and interesting to write. The blog I write is www.thatsthewayithappened.com it’s a Hollywood news and satire site. Basically I make fun of whatever’s in the headlines. I also blog at www.eitantheactor.com

What is the primary and driving goal that has prompted you to blog?

My driving force is the joy I get out of being creative every day. In my line of work if I’m lucky I get to be creative a couple times a week at auditions (and sometimes not even then). Otherwise I’m forced to do boring meaningless temp jobs to pay the bills. It sucks. With my blog I get to sit in front of a blank screen and come up with something and I know that people will read it. It’s the kind of carte blanche you don’t get in my business unless your name is Tom Hanks. It’s my choice of stories, it’s my choice of how to write about them. And every day I have to come up with a unique way to present the day’s stories. I’d like to pretend I’m doing this for the money but I’d be kidding you. Even on an insanely busy day I make barely enough to pay for the electricity to run the computer. I do it just for the joy of being creative.

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    1. 5 Responses to “Eitan Loewenstein - One Question Interview”

    2. Nice interview.

      A blog is a nice place to showcase your work, too.

      Maybe one day we’ll be able to say “I knew Eitan when…” (you know the rest)


      By Heather on Aug 12, 2006

    3. I’m watching “Through the Front Door” right now. He’s playing a mild-mannered character in this one.

      By Darren on Aug 13, 2006

    4. Enjoy the film Darren. Glad I was number one. And yes, I hope you can all say “I knew Eitan way back when…”

      By Eitan on Aug 14, 2006

    5. The film had a great ending. It showed some real range. Keep up the great work.

      By Darren on Aug 14, 2006

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