Mobility - the true advantage of blogging

August 9, 2006 – 5:39 am

by Darren

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We love talking about blogging here, so this post will be no different. Blogging has a lot of advantages over traditional work, but one of the areas in which it excels the most has to be mobility. The times we live in have great options for those “on the go”, and blogging is no exception. You can blog from just about anywhere, as long as you’re wired or better yet, “wireless”.

You still need to check to ensure you can find a connection. Not all hotels are created equal when it comes to mobile internet access, so make sure you check to find out exactly what they offer. You probably won’t want to spend much of your travel time “blogging”, but at least with access, you can check and make sure your web business is running, and if you need to intercede and do some work, you’ll be able to.

You can also “advance post”, which could make a complete disappearance act by you unnoticable by your crowd. If you plan ahead, you can accumulate some posts and have them “go off” when you’re out and about. Not only will you earn money in that scenario, but you’ll also have a sense of your work being done, even as your recreate.

Blogging is geared for mobility, and mobility is the cure to blogging burnout. Sometimes the four walls you’re working in get to be a bit too much, and you need to just take a day off. Your creativity will thank you in the end.

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    1. 7 Responses to “Mobility - the true advantage of blogging”

    2. Blogging and traveling go very well together, you can read about how I feel about this on

      How can I contact you darren? Your email does not work for me.

      By Matt on Aug 9, 2006

    3. Darren,
      I am really feel envious. Mobilty has no meaning for bloggers like me. I dont own a laptop and wireless Internet is out of question (way too expensive). I have to work with a net that goes up and down from 1-8 KBPS.

      By Razib Ahmed on Aug 9, 2006

    4. Razib- that’s true. However you do have a huge advantage over US bloggers- cost of living. You can make a small fraction of what we need to make, and live comfortably off your web business. So it’s not all bad, is it?

      By Leroy Brown on Aug 10, 2006

    5. Leroy,
      You are 100% right but then on the other hand, the technological limitations are keeping me from using my full potential.

      By Razib Ahmed on Aug 10, 2006

    6. They sure are. 1-8K is the speeds from the old 28.8 modems! That makes your life miserable.

      By Darren on Aug 10, 2006

    7. Razib - also true. It is all the more impressive that you’ve been successful given the technical issues.

      By Leroy Brown on Aug 11, 2006

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