The harsh reality of making money from blogging

August 4, 2006 – 5:30 am

by Darren

I sense a lot of excitement in the air these days about blogging for a living. A number of websites promote how easy it is to make money through blogging, and although it may be for some, the vast majority of people will end up failing. Why? Because blogging is good, old-fashioned hard work, and most people won’t put the hard work during the days where the revenues aren’t high. They won’t be around to reap rewards, becausing sowing the seeds takes time and persistence.

The blogging field is crowded, and getting more crowded all the time. This happens with any internet endeavor where money is involved. Once the word gets out that people are actually making a go of something, thousands of wannabees are attracted. Some of them will be quite hard-working and talented, so suddenly the field becomes extremely crowded. Where there might have once been 100 people blogging about gadgets, there may now be 100,000.

I have to admit, I never even read blogs until I decided to blog for money. I looked at blogging as strictly a money-making effort. I never spent entire Saturday afternoons casually surfing blogs. So when I look around at the “BlogOSphere”, I have to admit to be amazed at the “A-List” blogs. A lot of the most popular blogs are complete crap, IMHO, and would have a hard time even launching right now. The main thing they have is an audience that’s been forged in the furnace of time.

Don’t take this post as a negative diatribe about the potential to make money blogging. I’m still bullish on the idea, but I think success will be reserved for very few. Unless you’re bringing something truly unique to the game, what makes you think you can carve a niche that’s profitable enough to earn a living? That’s the question you have to answer.

Anyone can make a few thousand dollars a year from blogging. With Google Adsense and a continous effort, a persistent person can easily accomplish this goal. The harder part will be making the leap to the $20,000-$50,000 per year range, or higher. This type of level will require a large archive, which again will come from very consistent blogging over a log period of time.

If you’re making a full-time living from blogging, you’re in an elite class. No doubt the ranks of this class will grow in the next few years. We’ll continue to study the methods that can make us successful, and document them for all to see.

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    1. 5 Responses to “The harsh reality of making money from blogging”

    2. Thanks for the post Darren. ABout this matter, my feeling is that earning money through blogging is as easy or as dificult like other fields. If you are hard working and if you give a lot of effort then you will shine here just like any other field. I was a teacher. It’s not that from the first month, I started to get handsome salary. However, if I stay in teaching for let’s say 20 years, my salary will increase a lot and I will get a lot of facilities step by step. However, if I do not work hard and meet the requirements of my profession then I will not go far.

      By Razib Ahmed on Aug 4, 2006

    3. I agree totally. The best of the breed will all make excellent money. For others it will be an uphill climb and it will required dedication to craft.

      By Darren on Aug 4, 2006

    4. Darren, thanks for the honest, insightful post.

      A few questions. Are you happy with AdSense on your blogs? I find AdSense to have a terrible CTR (and payout) for the seo/internet marketing space.

      Many of us run AdSense on our own sites and: 1) we probably have AdSense blindness, 2) if we did see something compelling we are probably too savy and skeptical to believe the add will deliver on its promise, 3) we just feel weird about clicking on AdSense. I don’t remember ever clicking on an AdSense ad ever, on any site.

      So, have you thought about or tried monetiziation with affiliate programs that might interest your visitors (such the Wordtracker affiliate program, Aaron Wall’s SeoBook etc). Perhaps AdSense is working for you, it didn’t for me in the internet marketing space.

      By Gomer on Aug 4, 2006

    5. The two blogs I have about SEO/Internet support my $19.99 directory submissions. Sales are up 40% on the two directories since I started, so I’m very happy :) The Adsense (and YPN on Sootle) are just there to do backhaul. The money adds up to peanuts.

      There’s no way I would consider Adsense ads for SEO/Internet/Blogging markets. You’ll die a lonely death waiting for the checks.

      The way to make money using Adsense blogs: products blogs. Covering HDTV, Cell Phones, Gadgets, or the like. That way, you have a deep inventory of ads, and plenty of traffic. Out of the blogs I’m experimenting with on my roster right now, only 2 can become full-time incomes, IMHO.

      By Darren on Aug 4, 2006

    6. My thoughts are………….

      1) There are still niches to be exploited and new ones emerging all the time
      2) I agree that the money is in having a large archive
      3) Having high paying adsense ads on your blog helps
      4) There is also a place for running blogs as part of a wider online business portfolio that might include running niche content sites, running an ecommerce site selling stuff, promoting affilliate products and so on. Spreads the risks as well.

      By Ray on Aug 5, 2006

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