7 things you can do to improve your blog SEO

August 3, 2006 – 6:09 am

by Darren

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SEO isn’t everything, but it can be one thing that helps send visitors to your website. Blogs tend to be very attractive to search engines, and with a few techniques performed can become deadly ranking machines. If you want your blog to become a buzzsaw which cuts the competition into ribbons, might I suggest you check out these tips:

1) Blogs attract incoming links if they’re good. Make your blog good, and make your individual posts worthy of attracting links. The more links you get to internal pages, the more likely you are to win the game. Inbound links are the key to ranking success, so you need to discover a method of continously attracting links in order to be on top.

2) Submit your posts to the news rating websites. Yes, Netscape, Digg, Reddit.com and even thumbd can serve as means of getting your pages spidered fast, and might even show up as backlinks t internal pages. (Plus they bring human traffic).

3) Bookmark your articles wherever public bookmarks are available. Social bookmarking websites that offer publicly displayable link collections are of a huge boon to search engine rankings. (Plus some human traffic will follow).

4) Trackback posts when allowable. When you link out to others using a trackback several things happen. You link to them and the trackback links back (humans and visitors should follow). Also, you create awareness for your website by linking. All webmasters are curious to find out what people are writing about them, and will almost always visit the site to see what you’re all about.

5) Join a blog network, if applicable. It might be worth it to join up with a blog network, depending on their editorial policies and synergy. The blog network can be a strong source of concentrated backlinks.

6) Guest post, do interviews, and be sociable with other bloggers. You’ll get incoming links to your website easily if you’re social with other bloggers. Blog Republic Blogger Interviews will result in you having a very strong link to your blog.

7) Write your title with careful precision. The title is the best weapon you have in Blog SEO, because it is a primary ranking mechanism for search engines, and it also induces people to click on your post. A great title will keep on paying. Also right an excellent title when submitting your posts to news rating sites or you won’t stand a chance on making it to the front page.

There are more ideas which can be outlined, but these 7 methods should help strengthen your immediate blog SEO. All of them are easy to do, and should cost you no money. They will take a small bit of persistence, but nothing you can’t handle, and the results should be well worth it.

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    1. 4 Responses to “7 things you can do to improve your blog SEO”

    2. “7) Write your title with careful precision.”
      I agree with you 100%. Actually, 99% of the time, we decide to click on a story looking at the title and the summary. THe title is what makes or breaks a blog.

      By Razib Ahmed on Aug 3, 2006

    3. It has to be. It’s the only thing that can help you in the Search Engine Results too. A well-written title in position 4 will generate more traffic than a poorly-written title in position 1.

      By Darren on Aug 4, 2006

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