Making the front page of Digg every time you submit

August 1, 2006 – 1:18 pm

by Darren

Pretty exciting headline, huh? Well I’ll say it’s not bloody likely you’ll be making the front page of Digg every single time you submit, but for a limited time only, there is a website where you just might able to do this. At the all new, you’ll notice it takes as little as “0″ thumbs up to make the main page.

If you were to form a small posse (1 or 2 people is all that’s needed), you could easily dominate the main page. Sure, making the main page of thumbd won’t bring you the kind of traffic that Digg will, but hey, every little bit helps.

Why not add thumbd to your list of new sites to submit to, when you post a really great story? And while you’re there, vote and comment on a few others. We’ll have a community growing in no time. And when you thumb someone else’s story, don’t forget to Ping their Trackback URL, so they’ll know you gave them recognition, and maybe then they’ll become a part of the community too.

And don’t forget, we’re looking for beta testers and active members to expand our community. Remarkably enough, thumbd has already achieved 300 pageviews daily in less than a week of existence, so thanks to all of you who have visited and linked.

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  2. Woo! I made the front page! I’m calling my mom right now to let her know.

    In seriousness, I added it to my list of sites to sub to. Best of luck.

    By Eitan on Aug 1, 2006

  3. Thanks, Eitan. Congrats on your top honors! :)

    By Darren on Aug 1, 2006

  4. Darren,
    I like thumbd and I am sure it will do very well in the coming days. Already 22 users. When it becomes 100, it will grow very fast. How did you come up with this idea?

    By Razib Ahmed on Aug 1, 2006

  5. Just an impulse, Razib. I thought it would be fun to program it. Now I think I’ll learn Ajax, to polish up the front end.

    I’m also getting into the idea of a user-generated news and social networking websites each day.

    The best part of thumbd right now is, it acts just like a blog. Each post is turned into XML and available via the Feedburner. Plus, you can ping Trackback URLs when you “thumb” a remote site, so they’re likely to want to visit. I think the website is original from that standpoint.

    Once people starting “thumbing” stories, the website should grow faster. Today it has had a lot of traffic from the current stories.

    By Darren on Aug 1, 2006

  6. I just thumbd my first one :)

    Looks like a great system, and very impressive to know you created it yourself. It looks improved over last time I checked it out?, maybe it just looks better as there are most posts there :)

    Best of luck with it!
    P.s, did you get my email?

    By Matt on Aug 1, 2006

  7. I think its great so far and have submitted the stories as i publish them. For the number of visitors generated tere is a good ratio of comments too :-)

    By Greg Kiernan on Aug 1, 2006

  8. Indeed, and thanks to the new “thumbd this” Feedburner Flare from you, it’s even easier than normal to thumb a story now.

    By Darren on Aug 2, 2006

  9. I’m impressed, Darren. Nice work. I think the Ajax research will really pay off in the long run. It seems to be the way to go for user interface, especially for the users that don’t like reloading entire pages to do one little task.

    By Retrospector on Aug 2, 2006

  10. I’m glad you guys are enjoying it. I’m working on improvements all the time and I’ll introduce them as they become available, so stop by often.

    By Darren on Aug 2, 2006

  11. You’re probably just working on the layout right now, but I thought I would let you know on firefox the comment positions are over lapping and can’t be read, but things look fine in ie.

    pps, Darren, did you get my email?

    By Matt on Aug 2, 2006

  12. No, I haven’t received and email from you.

    By Darren on Aug 2, 2006

  13. Strange, thanks for letting me know, I emailed you again earlier today from a different email address.

    By Matt on Aug 3, 2006

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