Razib Ahmed - The Blogger Interviews - Number Four

July 30, 2006 – 6:04 am

by Darren

Razib Ahmed is a blogger for Know More Media (KMM) Network and he works for two blogs at KMM- SouthAsiaBiz.com and IndianRaj.com. He has been a freelance journalist for more than 10 years in Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka. He has published over 400 reports and features in more than 20 newspapers in magazine in his home country. Before entering into professional blogging, He mainly wrote about business, computer and gadgets in Bangladesh. He is one the leading IT (Information Technology) writesr of his country and has presented several articles on IT related issues in seminars. He also worked as University teacher for some years. However, his main passion is writing. Razib is 31 years old.

1) You’ve been blogging for a while now. What is the most important thing you’ve learned about the profession?

I have been pro-blogging since 22 March, 2006 (Just over 4 months). The most important lesson I have learnt is that if I work hard I will get some hits and some links on a regular basis. In other words, if you work hard you will not fail in blogging. If you are not ready to work hard then you will not shine no matter how much gifted you are. Positive attitude towards blogging is a must if you want to survive and grow.

2) Where do you see yourself as a blogger in five years? Will you be around?

Actually, I always wanted to do two things: teach and write. In blogging, I can do both of them (less of teaching but more of writing). So, if blogging remains alive then I don’t see any reason for not being in this field.

3) What’s the best part of the blogging job, and the worst?

The best part of blogging job is that it has given a huge boost to my career. It has given me an online presence. Interactive nature of blogging is the thing that attracts me most. It is like a new world.

The sweetest part is having unexpected rise of traffic in any Saturday or Sunday.

The worst part- no I would say the toughest part is that you have to compete with everyone.

4) Do people you know understand what you do, and do the admire you for being a blogger?

No, they do not understand what I am doing because in my country (Bangladesh), I am perhaps the first professional blogger. My relatives and friends are habituated to see me busy with writing for many years. So, I tell them that I am an Internet writer. This is easier for them to understand.

5) What’s the most amazing thing that’s happened to you so far since you’ve been blogging?

The most amazing thing is working for KMM. Especially, I like to talk about Dan Smith, Vice President of Publishing of Know More Media. He is dealing with nearly 60 bloggers but whenever I face any problem he solves it within 2 hours. Also, you know Easton Ellsworth. Whenever, he finds something useful he sends it to me. Since, KMM management takes care of every other thing; I can totally focus on writing entries and then promoting my blog entries.

The last 6 weeks have been like a fairy tale for me. My blog entries have been linked by Boing Boing twice and made the front page of Fark Sports, Fark, Shoutwire, Stumble Upon and Reddit. I also got a link from BBC World Cup Blog.

6) If a new blogger needed some encouragement, what kind of advice would
you offer her?

I would tell a new blogger: the future is bright- go for it. Really, I feel that now is the best time to enter into blogging.

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  2. Go Razib go! Congratulations on creating TWO successful blogs! It’s great to see blogs about South Asia especially when that region is not often represented. Keep up the great work!

    By Bengali Fob on Jul 30, 2006

  3. Thanks Darren for the Interview. I am the person who always takes interviews. So, it was a nice experience for me.
    Thanks Fob for your encouragement. Hopefully, we will see more and more Bangladeshi bloggers in the coming days.

    By Razib Ahmed on Jul 30, 2006

  4. You did a great job, Razib, and thanks for the participation. I’m sure you’ll be getting more and more of this in the future.

    By Darren on Jul 31, 2006

  5. Great job, Razib and Darren. I’m thrilled to work with Razib.

    For the record, check out the Sitemeter month-by-month stats for the two blogs that Razib writes for:


    It’s amazing how fast Razib has grown his traffic. He does have help from Mehdi Hassan on SouthAsiaBiz, but he does IndianRaj alone. And the articles are a lot of fun to read and shed good light on business in that part of the world.

    By Easton Ellsworth on Jul 31, 2006

  6. I am the co-blogger with Razib Ahmed in SouthAsiaBiz.com. I was new to blogging and he totally taught me about everything related to blogging. I have been blogging to KMM for just one month and yes, Know More Media is a great place to work.

    By S.M.Mehdi Hassan on Aug 1, 2006

  7. Thanks Easton. I learnt many things from you. You are simply amazing.

    By Razib Ahmed on Aug 2, 2006

  8. This looks like time for a group hug :)

    By Darren on Aug 2, 2006

  9. Hi Razib,
    very good to see u featured here.

    Remember this old colleague from Bangladesh?

    Sadiq Mohammad Alam

    By Sadiq M. Alam on Aug 2, 2006

  10. NIce to see you Sadiq Bhai. How are you doing?

    By Razib Ahmed on Aug 3, 2006

  11. I’m very fortunate to have met you on the internet. The writing you did for my site remains very popular. I’m so happy for your success and am proud to call you a friend.

    By David Holmes on Aug 11, 2006

  12. Hello Razib, I learned now that you are also writing this blog http://www.indianraj.com/ I’ve been reading it and it gives me an insigth into what happens in Asia

    * The ascendency of India as an economic world power
    * The role of China and India

    I’m also curious about the developments in Bangladesh, Vietnam etc. Big multinational companies from US and Europe are investing huge amounts of money to set up their facilities. This also applies to Finland, a small nation from the northern Europe. Nokia is paving the way and it’s suppliers are following suite. But there are also more and more SMEs looking for the bright side in the Asian conuntries.

    But I love to see much more grassroots - people to people - direct contact between south and north. The blogosphere opens up huge new possibilities. We can blog, skype and connect over IMs and bridge huge distances at nearly no cost at all. The possibilities for innovative global collaboration are greater than ever. You’re one of the active pioneers in the south. I think of myself as one from high up north.

    Have a nice day
    Helge Keitel

    By Helge Keitel on Sep 1, 2006

  13. thanks razib ahmed and Darren, because Razib Ahmed has bought me to the bogger world

    By animesh chandra bain on Jan 7, 2007

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