The best type of traffic you can get from blogs

July 27, 2006 – 11:35 am

by Darren

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When you’re blogging, you love getting incoming links. It makes you feel good, helps you search engine rankings, and is a source of crisp and directed traffic. But not all traffic you get to your blog is created equal. The best traffic, IMHO, is the traffic you get from directly related blogs. And the main, and maybe only way, to get this type is to earn it.

When other bloggers in your field link to you, it’s an endorsement to their readers, telling them to check you out. Most people won’t risk losing their audience unless they think the resource they’re linking to is well worth it.

What are ways to attract related blogger to link to you?

1) Write informative pieces that they know are pertinent to their field - they’ll link in order to help their readers
2) Make friends with them - that’s right, people help the people they like
3) Come up with something creative - do a viral promotion

Whatever methods you come up with, the traffic will be the best you can find. The people who show up are already subscribed somewhere else, and are in the market for more of the same information. If you can win them over with expert status, you’re bound to convert at least some of them to your side.

Hip hop artists beat the rock’n'rollers in marketing because they cross-promote to each other’s fan bases. The same thing works in the blogging world.

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    1. 2 Responses to “The best type of traffic you can get from blogs”

    2. In July, today is the 6th time that one of my two blogs is getting more than 1,000 hits in a single day. It gives such a boost to my confidence.
      I just like to add here that to increase your taffic the number one rule is: check your sitemeter every hour. Try to understand from where your hits are coming.

      By Razib Ahmed on Jul 27, 2006

    3. Excellent points— all Absolutely true!

      By jf on Sep 11, 2006

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