Signs that you’re doing a good job blogging

July 25, 2006 – 6:59 am

by Darren

Blogging is a marathon, and not a sprint. It’s not something you can do once, forget, and expect to get a lot of results from. The amount of success you have is almost essentially a result of the efforts you put in. That said, how do you determine you’re doing a good job blogging, especially if your traffic and revenue levels aren’t high?

You have to decide on what goals you’re attempting to achieve. Sure, it’s easy to say you want to make money online, but to actually do it is another thing. It may take more time than you were expecting, and if you’re not careful, you may end up frustrated by the results. You can’t wallow in the lack of results, but rather take a look at some of your accomplishments:
Is your traffic up since you started the blog. It would almost have to be.

1) Is your traffic up since you started the blog? It would almost have to be. If you have 150 page views a day, it’s a lot more than you had on Day One.

2) Do you have any RSS subcribers? If you have 10, that’s more people than used to read your words daily. If the number is 20 or 30, realize that’s enough to fill a classroom. 100 is an auditorium. Don’t think of your own readership as small, just because established bloggers will have much larger ones. It took time and effort for them too.

3) Is your income rising? It’s a subtle thing, but the money really does add up. $5 of daily revenue is a cool $1,800 per year. Concentrate on small goals like making your blog earn another $5 per day. It makes the whole thing seem achievable, when otherwise it might not.

You can’t get bogged down if your goals haven’t been achieved in a short amount of time. There are more bloggers every day, attracted to the “easy money” online, so you’ll have to compete with them daily and intensely. If you get discouraged, it’s to their advantage.

Hang in there if you’re feeling frustrated. Just set smaller goals and achieve them.

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  2. I’ve always used the additional sign of “success” - reaching my first 100 comment spams :-)

    By Greg Kiernan on Jul 25, 2006

  3. Good call. That’s a definite sign you’re on the charts :)

    By Darren on Jul 25, 2006

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