Greg Kiernan - The Blogger Interviews - Number Two

July 24, 2006 – 8:04 am

by Darren

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Blogger Bio

Greg Kiernan is a 34 year old Australian guy who works as part of payroll management for a large government organisation. He also served both full time and part time in the Australian Army performing a range of jobs including Logistics, Recruiting and Administration. When not working he enjoys travel, photography, movies, and 4 wheel driving.

1) What got you into blogging in the first place? (Describe what made you decide to do it)

I first got into blogging in around 1997 long before i even knew what a blog was. I had a geocities site where I would hand code webpages for each entry and I would update a couple of times a month. I got into it because my peer group on the internet were all doing it and i had the urge to express myself. I think at the time i also thought i was going to get rich and had random affiliate banner ads plastered all over the pages and at the time i never understood why i never made any money. In hindsight it was a visual eyesore but long term it got me hooked. While the site eventually died, i moved to Livejournal as an early adopter and the rest is history.

2) Have you been able to achieve any of the goals you set for yourself when you set out to blog?

Ask me two months ago and I would have said no. I set the goals that I wanted to make enough money from blogging to pay for my web hosting, internet access and a few small things like my Valleyschwag subscription. This month I have made enough to cover all of those goals for the month for the first time ever so I guess the next logical goal is to maintain the income and increase it for something else.

3) What’s the one “secret” that has worked the most for you in making your blog a success?

I’m not sure its a secret as such but what has worked for me with BloggersBuzz to make it a success is simply hard work. In the first two weeks of operation I posted around 100 seperate posts to build up the content in my blog, listed my blog with as many directory services as i could and hunted around for more. I have for some time been reading what experts like Darren Rowse of write, not only about the tradecraft of how to blog but also about blog life balance.

4) Do you have any advice for someone who’s thinking about becoming a blogger?

I say go for it. From my experience blogging on a personal level i have made long term friends. While quite new to professional blogging, its a diverse subject that you can just keep learning and expanding your knowledge in forever. Tips that i would suggest they follow if they want to be a successful professional blogger would be:

1. Use a professional blogging platform. While the hosted solutions
like blogger etc are great if your blogging on a personal basis,
in a lot of cases if I visit a blog hosted on a free service like
blogger that is trying to tell me they are a professional and i
should listen, their choice of platform is screaming the opposite
(although there are exceptions!). I’m a fan of WordPress but with
any of the major platforms you have capabilities and features that
make life easier and produce better end results
2. Buy a domain name. Domain names aren’t a vanity thing, its
something that you can build into something valuable for minimal
investment in the long term. Again its also an image thing.
3. Be prepared to work hard. For most its going to be a steep
learning curve
4. Don’t get disheartened. While you start off with high hopes, for a
while not much is going to happen no matter what you do. Not many
hits, not much if any revenue and it can take a long time to turn
5. Maintain a healthy blog life balance. Its easy to let blogging
take over, that you have to get that post out there no matter what
but really what you need to remember is that your blog will still
be there when you get back from doing something with friends and

5) What do you think the future holds for blogging?

I think its an exciting time to be blogging. Its moved from being the domain of geeks and reported in the media as a novelty to what is becoming mainstream acceptance and more businesses are embracing it as a means to allow communication with their customers and the public at large. I’ve read that the “blogging bubble is set to burst” but I think more likely its going to continue to grow for the time being until in the end its the same as tv or newspapers, just a different medium. Making money is probably going to be harder as competition increases and things like click fraud shape advertising prices and revenue although paid links and affiliate programs are likely to become more popular.

6) What’s your favorite part about blogging? (What do you consider to be fun?)

I must confess that I am a statistics obsessed blogger, i love to log in and look at my web statistics or feedburner to see how many visitors and page views i’m getting and to make sure they are increasing. I’m also enjoying building relationships with other bloggers as we work towards common goals.

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    1. 5 Responses to “Greg Kiernan - The Blogger Interviews - Number Two”

    2. Next time i will have to be quicker to try to beat Easton off the mark!

      By Greg Kiernan on Jul 25, 2006

    3. He had a few days lead time on you.

      I think this interview of yours was really good. I never even knew Australia had an army until I found out you were in it. See how we can all learn from these things?

      Thanks for the participation, Greg.

      By Darren on Jul 25, 2006

    4. Great tips here. It’s fun to know a bit about each person, too.

      Greg, I like that you mentioned blog/life balance. I’m typing this while feeding a piece of bread to my baby, trying to keep crumbs off the keyboard, but of course trying to remember I’m a dad first and blogger way second.

      When we put life first, we blog better.

      I love question number 5 - very intriguing answer from Greg and I’m sure from lots of future interviewees.

      By Easton Ellsworth on Jul 25, 2006

    5. Easton - thats exactly the kind of blog balance i mean and your right, it makes us better bloggers!

      As for question 5, its an interesting time to be blogging :-)

      By Greg Kiernan on Jul 26, 2006

    6. No question. Being a blogger in 1996 must have sucked :)

      By Darren on Jul 26, 2006

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