NBC announces new “Nightly News” vlog

July 18, 2006 – 8:41 pm

by Darren

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In another sign that vlogs are hot, NBC jumped on the bandwagon with their launch of the new “Nightly News” vlog, which will star Brian Williams and give a short rundown of the top stories of the day.

It’s possible that this could also eventually become a part of NBC’s deal with online video phenomenon YouTube.com, although there have apparently only been talks but no real movement on putting the “Early Nightly” on YouTube.

Vlogging is firming up as a real occupation extremely fast. When you consider the interest show in Amanda Congdon and Rocketboom and looks at show’s like Yahoo’s The 9 with Maria Sansone, you have to consider the very real possibility of more and more shows becoming successful in the genre. There’s no numbers on any of the monetization of the vlogs, but you’d have to assume someone is making money from them.

It looks like vlogging is quickly becoming an internet mainstay.

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