Checklist for money making blog - $100 monthly in 4 months - Part 7 EMBS

July 18, 2006 – 7:25 am

by Darren

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Welcome to Part 7 of the Earn Money Blogging Series. Today we cover the basics of actually founding a money-making blog.

What do you need to make money blogging? I used the following formula to go from 0-$100/monthly revenue in 4 months. (this was accomplished on 4 seperate blogs on different subjects.) I’m sure you can reach this revenue level even faster, if you avoid some of the mistakes I made. If you tweak your Adsense ad configuration, you may be able to earn even more. Here’s the basic requirements to earn from blogging:

  • Keyword research which uncovers high paying keywords - this is covered in an individual post because it’s such an important part of your success
  • Wordpress blogging software - with specific plugins installed
  • Google Adsense or YPN for monetization - these are obvious - sign up for one of them
  • Feedburner for RSS feed management and email list management
  • A well written and extensive and constantly updated archive
  • Time and patience

This is all you need. You don’t need:

  • Any specialized skill
  • A giant contact list of insiders
  • A huge initial investment

Setting up your Wordpress right. This is a key. The main setup I used is the Kubrick design in Narrowcolum, and I used each of the following must-have WP-Plugins:

Making these tweaks to Wordpress will probably take an hour or so. If you want, I can make a copy of the configuration I’m using for download. (A Tar file you can run with everything installed).

Feedburner can make your website sticky. Make sure you login into your Feedburner console and enable almost all of the options. Here’s what you need:

Under optimize click checkmarks on for “Browserfriendly”, “Smartfeed” and “Feedflare”. In Feedflare, make sure to click on ALL of the checkmarks. This will add buttons to posts on your website and in RSS readers to allow people to send story to friend, add to and the like. It’s extremely important that you show your users these options. Showing them is the greatest marketing advice I ever heard and will help make your blog sticky, which is a huge key to blog monetization success.

Don’t forget to go into “Publicize” and use as many of the tools as you can. Turn on your Creative Commons License and activate the “Awareness API”. Copy all the necessary codes to your sidebar to get people to signup for your RSS feed. The more people you can add, the better, and FeedBurner handles the management for you. This will help you succeed in making people return to your blog.

Last, but not least, you need around 100 high quality and well-written pieces in your archive. At that point, you start to get search engine traffic, and due to the related posts feature, you can get people who land on your blog to hit multiple pages and perhaps even subscribe. I’m sure the 100 posts is not a magic number, but it was at that point that the blogs started to come alive from a revenue standpoint.

Don’t forget, small amounts daily can add up big. Here’s a few key revenue points for daily totals, and what they earn in a year.

$2 daily = $730
$5 daily = $1,825
$10 daily = $3,650
$30 daily = $10,950
$50 daily = $18,250

You get the idea. Depending on how many blogs you run, this could become a substantial income in no time. In fact, between my wife and I blogging, we’re starting to see numbers that are making the efforts worthwhile. I’m sure the rewards will be much higher in months 6, 12 and so on.

Don’t forget, if you’re looking to be paid to post, Blog Republic is always looking for new bloggers.

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    2. Excellent post, Darren. I must admit that this is one of the bets articles that i have seen on this topic and every blogging newbie would be benfited from it. Actually, this is the beauty of blogging. If a person qaulity content- sooner or later they will get noticed. For example, I liked your article so much that I submited it to reddit, digg and netscape. The main thing is giving some good effort and then reaching out to the people.

      By Razib Ahmed on Jul 19, 2006

    3. Thanks Razib, I really appreciate it.

      I know, as you do, that some ego gratification helps when you’re putting in your best efforts. It’s great to know people are reading and getting something from the information.

      By Darren on Jul 19, 2006

    4. I agree with Razib.

      This is a great post and I am going to try all of these suggestions in the next week or so.

      Thanks for taking the time to share your experience,


      By Ray on Jul 23, 2006

    5. thanks for the excellent post. I’m planning on moving my investing blog from blogspot to wordpress pretty soon so this will def. help.

      By empty spaces on Oct 30, 2006

    6. Show the door to any blogger

      By Travel Engines on Nov 10, 2006

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