Ways that a blog can make money - Earn Money Blogging - Part 6

July 13, 2006 – 10:00 am

by Darren

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Okay folks, we’ve reached Part 6 in the Earn Money Blogging series, and hopefully you’re enjoying yourself so far and picking up some new tips. In today’s post we’ll take a look at the different ways a blog can make money. It’s not always completely obvious how a blog can help you earn, but you might be surprised at the myriad ways people make money blogging.

Sell a product directly. To me, this is probably the best income you can get. What I mean by this, is you most likely will earn the highest dollar amount per visitor if you sell a product directly. An example would be a hosting company that has an official blog. If you land at the blog from a search engine or link, the company pitches you on their product and tries to send you to the main website closing page. Everything the blog does is in support of the main product.

Selling a product indirectly. This is next in line when it comes to making money online. An example is my SootleDir Internet Marketing Blog. I don’t mention my directory or the fact that I sell expedited reviews for $19.99 in my blog posts, but the blog supports the main directory business in several ways:

  • It establishes trust by putting my name and face behind the directory and the product
  • It brings new people into the directory via the blog. Posts about SEO, internet marketing, and the like are apt to bring in the type of people who pay for text links

I’ve chosen the directory business for a few reasons that should make sense for anyone who’s thinking of making money online. These reasons are:

  • No threat of fraud. Beware internet fraud. I don’t ship anyone product and if a payment is ever charged back, the link comes down. I can’t lose if something goes wrong
  • There’s no customer service or tech support. I’ve automated the approval process so that for me to “earn” my $19.99 review fee takes minutes. Even on a day where you bring in many hundreds of dollars, your efforts are minimal and your per-hour wage once calculated is huge
  • There’s a constant demand for the product. People always need directory links

When you decided to sell a product online, you need to consider the factors, and consider why I consider a directory product superior. I’ve sold products that require a lot of customer service, and believe me, something that has quick order fulfillment and no followup is better.

You can be an affiliate and help sell products for other people. Being an affiliate has some definite advantages and a few distinct advantages as well. The advantage is that you don’t have to handle customers at all. The disadvantange is that you’re at the lowest end of the totem pole when it comes to getting paid. You get a cut after the company fulfills the order, and you have no say over product quality. As an affiliate you need to choose who you represent very carefully because it’s your website’s reputation on the line, even if you just refer people. Affiliate websites sometimes have problems in the search engines, but you shouldn’t need to worry if your blog has a lot of content.

Two decent quality affiliate marketing companies:

You can become a contextual ad publisher. The contextual ads have a big advantage in that you can insert one Javascript code, and the company will try to match the closest advertiser. They deal with the advertisers, and you build content. The main problems with contextual ads are that you have a ton of competition and no control over third party advertisers. Since it’s so easy to get into the contextual ad game, everyone does. As more and more websites are made that are nearly identical in nature, they may end up having problems competing. If you do plan on building a blog and using contextual ads to monetize it, keep in mind that unique content will help you make the most.

We’ve covered some of the issues that can help make more using contextual ads.

You can always get paid to post. The easiest way to make money blogging is to get paid to post by joining a reputable Blog Network like Blog Republic. The way our network works is we use Paypal to pay for the prior month’s posts based on a pre-agreed to amount. An example would be, you’ve been contracted to receive $5 per post and you made 20 posts in the month of July. On August 2nd, we’d use PayPal and deposit $100 into your account. This is the most obvious and easiest way to get instant money from blogging. The disadvantage to you is that you only get paid once (we own the content and make money over the long haul). The advantage is you get paid, and you don’t have to be considered with any of the technical or marketing issues. You post and earn.

If you’re interested in blogging for the Blog Republic, we’re currently looking for more quality writers. Just contact us and provide an example of a blog post and what subject you blog about. Maybe we can worth something out.

Each one of these concepts deserves even more attention and they’ll receive it in future posts. The great part of a series like this is you get to cover the whole subject in as much detail as possible. Are there any ways to make money I left out in this overview?

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