The Blogger’s Guide to the New Netscape

July 4, 2006 – 7:12 am

by Darren

Good news for the giant army of pay-for-play bloggers: Netscape is now a serious contender to the throne of the social networking websites. Why do I say this? Because I saw…and I now believe. Netscape has the makings of a solid online community. Sure, some old Netscape users don’t like the new Netscape page. Partly, they’re mad they didn’t have a choice and they’re unused to the design. But a combination of users of the old Netscape and a new influx of Web 2.0 types could be a lethal brew of community building magic.

The first thing I suggest you do is install Brian Alvey’s “Netscape This” plugin. Brian has made adding a story to Netscape as easy as clicking a mouse and filling out a field. When you’re on a story you like, click “Netscape This” and fill out the pertinent details.

Keep these tips in mind for making the first page of Netscape (Being Scaped):

  • Your title is everything - your presenting the story to a large audience: make sure you catch their attention
  • Make sure to place the story in the appropriate category - always tag the story as clearly and precisely as you can
  • Be receptive to any feedback you get
  • Make sure to comment, if you’re interested in the story and in others
  • Vote on the stories you like

There are a few broad categories to submit to, but my impression is that the tagging can help you be much more specific. Netscape is driving traffic to several tags that is quite impressive for the new service. As the weeks progress, I expect the numbers to rise significantly.

It’s my understanding that Netscape plans on using a slightly different format from Digg as it applies to editors. These human editors should be able to exert some control to prevent Netscape from devolving into warring Serfdom’s of belligerent nerd bloggers promoting their own products. Since the project is so new, an active and engaged community could help Netscape set up a more level playing ground than at other news ratings and review sites.

The initial stages of the project look quite good and bloggers would be insane to ignore the additional exposure you get from being Scaped. They’re working on some programming bugs, as we speak. Here’s a report on what to expect as the upgrade goes on.

I haven’t seen an “Add This to Netscape” plugin for Wordpress yet, but if know one else does one, I’ll bang one out this week. Netscape promises to be a big part of professional blogger’s lives for some time to come.

P.S.: early reports indicate that Netscape users actually click on ads, something their Digg counterparts are not known for. This is one more trend I hope continues.

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