Driving traffic to your blog - Earn money blogging - Part 2

July 1, 2006 – 7:13 am

by Darren

The second part of the Earn money blogging series is about one of the most important aspects of blogging for dollars: traffic development. You cannot expect to earn a good income from a blog with a very small readership.

Yes, you can still make decent money with even 100 or 200 pageviews a day, but it’s tough, and your niche needs to be special. Even then, one competitor could wipe out your efforts. Traffic development for a blog looks like this:

  • A new blog has a small archive, so the initial stage of development is to write some content! There’s no point driving people to a new blog with no related posts. They can see your new, and they’ll wait a while to see if you last. Build 50-100 solid posts.
  • Comment in, and link to other’s blogs. The visitors that come from related blogs are the ones who will link to you. Their links will bring your search engine love as well as targeted visitors are the best ones you can get. We’ll cover link building for blogs in a seperate post, because the concept is all important.
  • Advertise. If you’re happy with the posts, their quality, and the general design of your website, you may want to advertise. Keep the budget very low, and only target completely on-topic traffic.
  • The social networking sites are huge sources of qualified traffic. Digg.com and the new Netscape can send qualified readers to your blog. And these readers are influential editors who can expand your message to the greater internet community.
  • Do every thing in your power to inspire a return visit. Visitors are like customers, they’re valuable to have and sometimes expensive to get. Make sure you do something “sticky” to make them return to your website. The only way your money can go up over time is if you’re growing a readership that returns. The profit on a repeat reader is truly immense. Oh, and since I realize just how mercenary I sound there: it also feels good to produce quality content :)

These are the basic outlines to getting people to your website. We have to take into account the most unique point of blogging: the conversation that goes on between you and the readers. Nothing makes a site more sticky than the fact a person has contributed to it. Who doesn’t return to see if someone replied to something they said? It’s human nature, and as always with human nature, you need to exploit the tendency to your maximum gain. The greatest fortunes of all time were built by people who find a way to exploit quirks of human nature of masses of people. Bloggers are well known for appealing to the emotions of their readers. Empassioned readers tend to produce a lot of page views, which is music to the hearts of even the coldest-minded webmasters.

Almost each aspect of I’ve outlined will take a post of its’ own, so this series is just getting started. The most important thing for you to understand about blog traffic is the way it differs from a typical static html website: the conversation. The blog is most potent when you’ve entered into a dialogue with a visitor. It’s completely rewarding to make a post and have someone comment a short time later. The feedback you get is reward enough to tell you if the type of posts you’re making appeal to your visitors. Let them tell you! There’s no better way to adjust your content and make it evolve to your audience than by listening to what they have to say.

Referrals from successful bloggers can make all the difference in the world, and will help you find readers quickly. Search for a field that has a number of successful blogs already established, unless you can find a completely under-served market. If you plan on making a living from blogging, your keyword category has to be both popular and profitable. Having either too little traffic, or too few advertisers will leave you in a world of hurt which you may not be able to recover from. I urge to research your keywords (the subject of yet another post in this series to come). If you don’t, all of your efforts will be in vain.

Google will end up being the biggest provider of your traffic in the long run. This is a fact, and until it changes, you need to be aware of what it takes to rank in Google. Luckily for you, Google loves blogs, and they’re easy to SEO. We’ll also craft a complete well to ranking your blog well in Google in the coming days. Google loves the same thing your blog already needs: incoming links. The incoming links count as a vote concerning the quality of your website to Google, and great free traffic rides in and is exposed to your blog. This is the one-two punch of traffic development and should be sought after because it has both a short term and a long term benefit.

Other ways of getting traffic to your blog worth consideration:

  • Releasing a free tool or API mashup - people love fun or free stuff and will link to it accordingly
  • Encourage people to Digg or Delicious you by including links on your posts
  • Become a writer for a blog network that has exposure
  • Guest post at a popular blog so their readers will get to know you
  • Do something viral - a cartoon or E-book can work. Viral marketing is the best but takes real creative energy to accomplish
  • Enter a blog carnival - find one on a related field and submit
  • Use press release services to create buzz
  • Paint your URL on your car
  • Hire people to carry placards with your URL close to your nearest shopping mall
  • Give away $1 million in a contest

Okay, you get the idea. We’ll look at all of these ideas and more in this series. I’m willing to try anything once to get traffic, and in fact, I probably already have. I’ll report on all of these areas and I’d love to hear some things I’m missing. Driving traffic to your blog is your number one priority from day one to the day you close it down. A professional blogger needs to fill the chairs with asses, or nobody gets paid.

  1. 6 Responses to “Driving traffic to your blog - Earn money blogging - Part 2”

  2. The social networking tip was a good one! I’ll let you know how it goes.

    By Kim Hanson on Jul 15, 2006

  3. Thanks Kim, I look forward to hearing how it went.

    By Darren on Jul 19, 2006

  4. good post. i let the part about filling chairs with asses!

    By Wealth Building Tools on Mar 21, 2007

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