CEO of Sun sees blogs as a competitive advantage

June 26, 2006 – 10:15 am

by Darren

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Everyone’s into blogging, and Sun CEO Jonathon Schwartz is no different. Schwartz was already an active blogger when he took the reigns at Sun. Sun is largest company by far with an active blogger at the helm. A lot of other companies have their eye on how Schartz is performing, waiting to decide if they should have bigwigs get in on the act.

The Golden Age of Corporate Blogging may be upon us. Blogs have a way of making the company a lot more accessible to the average person. They’re a way of putting a face on the company and allowing two way communications that might not otherwise exist. Schwartz, in particular, does an excellent job on his blog of selling Sun’s ideas. He has a great writing style and comes across as empassioned by his job. That can’t hurt business at all. Sun is in need of a new image, and Schwart’z blogging is one of the things could make that happen.

Schwartz has done a good job of allowing customers to communicate via comments, even allowing negative comments through. He understands the company needs to attempt to keep integrity in their communications, or the whole experiment could end in failure. Customers don’t always have positive feedback, and at times the criticism should help the company get better.

Sun needs all the help they can get. In recent years they lost their reputation for innovation. They’ve been forced to do a series of layoff, the most recent included over 5,000 people. Schwartz addressed it on the blog.

He’s encouraging other employees of Sun to blog also, and many are getting into the act. Schwartz never actually responds to comments left on the blog, but he does pass them along to the correct department. How helpful any of this has been to Sun remains to be seen, but it’s possible a trend toward corporate blogging is gaining momentum.

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