A blog is a remarkable investment

June 24, 2006 – 1:03 pm

by Darren

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You can take a really small amount of money and invest it into a blog. I’m talking $7 or $8 to register a domain. Then you set up a hosting account for $100 bucks or less a year and you go to town. For this tiny amount of money you’re in business. You have a storefront or office that you can go to and make money. But the money is only the smallest part of your business. You end up investing time in your venture.

The investment of time is more dear to most people’s heart than the few piddling dollars it took to open up. The time represents your real investment. That’s why you need to decide what your time is worth, even if you work only for yourself. A blog makes you juggle multiple roles. You get to do every job from writing to marketing and everything in between. You also even get to to some baby-sitting and moderation in your comments each day. You also need to be a skilled editor as well as deft in customer relations.

How can you put a price on your work? What would it be? You need to be sure you get paid enough to cover your costs and give you a return on your investment. If you ever sell your blog, that’s when the real returns can come in. Depending on how much of a following you’ve built, the value might be much more than your current income. Why? Because there’s an intangible bonus concerning a website that’s on a focused subject. The new owners will probably be able to unleash even more earning power than you did.

You end up getting back whatever you put in. Sure, it’s a corny saying, but most truisms are. If you can invest a lot of time, money, or both, you’ll end up getting greater returns with a blog than possible anything else.

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