Blog monetization through Feedburner Ad Network (FAN)

June 20, 2006 – 6:13 am

by Darren

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I started experimenting with Feedburner Ad Network (FAN) this week. The program looks good. Feedburner has partnered with a number of companies and have relatively high-paying ads in their inventory. For general-interest websites, CPM can be a huge boost to making income. This week I heard an argument that contextual advertising died and nobody notified me. It’s not hard to believe that contextual ads on blogs are hurting. For this reason, CPM looms even larger as a business model.

What can a blog network do to monetize eyeballs? CPC as the main course, and CPM as the backhaul are good starters. Next, you can find individual sponsors, and you can also sell text links direct to bloggers. Expecting certain audiences to click is touch and go.

FAN looks good, but has some major drawbacks:

  • The inventory is limited so not all channels have ads
  • Payment is Net 90 Days!
  • It only runs on pages that are represented in your Feedburner RSS Feed

The fact that I can’t run it on non-blog pages means 2 million monthly page views I can’t monetize in the program. On the plus side: the ads are much more attractive and high paying than similar CPM ads through places like CasaleMedia. None of the annoying flashing ads. You can also approve or dis-approve ads individually.

What do you think of the Feedburner Ad Network?

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