Looking for bloggers to pay and bloggers to share revenue with

June 19, 2006 – 6:30 pm

by Darren

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The Blog Republic would like to expand. We’re currently looking for bloggers in three distinct areas:

  • We’re looking for contract bloggers who want to paid by the post
  • We’re looking for bloggers who want to join the network for revenue share
  • We’re looking for joint marketing opportunities with professional bloggers or blog networks

We’d be happy to discuss any ideas you might have that could prove mutually beneficial. If you’re looking to be paid for posting, the following areas are in highest demand:

  • Consumer electronics
  • Financial - Stock Market or Credit Repair
  • Entertainment

We’re open to any suggestions/ideas you have concerning new blogs, as well. If you’re a professional blogger looking to earn revenue through blogging, we look forward to talking with you more.

Any samples you can provide of your current blogging would be much appreciated.

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    1. 4 Responses to “Looking for bloggers to pay and bloggers to share revenue with”

    2. My company would be glad to help you out on a contract basis.


      By Jim Turner on Jun 20, 2006

    3. Sounds worth mentioning at BusinessBlogWire!

      By Easton Ellsworth on Jun 20, 2006

    4. I posted this link to two forums- one is a freelance writing forum and another is a blogging forum. hopefully, you will receive some interested people in the next day or two. Best of luck to you with your project.

      By Razib Ahmed on Jun 21, 2006

    5. Thanks everyone. I’m talking to a few people now.

      By Darren on Jun 23, 2006

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